The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


By Elaine Slater Reese

My husband and I went with another couple the other evening to see the movie THE SON OF GOD. I was so in hopes that we would all find it interesting and learn from it. And in this crazy world we live in today, it seems that Easter is about the only time when movies telling the story of Christ, His life, His death, and His resurrection draw any attention.

The hot buttered popcorn and sodas were great. The movie started. We were thrown back into a world foreign to most of us. Many of the words we had read in the Bible did race through our minds - but to see the action was so difficult. We saw the prediction of the Messiah. There were Mary and Joseph - and in such a short time, those plotting against the 33 year old carpenter Jesus.

The volume grew louder and louder as His enemies plotted His demise. As I usually do in movies about Jesus Christ, I cringed in my seat. I didn't think I could stand to see them nail Him to the cross or slam that Crown of Thorns on His Head. I always think maybe I could just sneak out of the theater - or it could be a good time to go for a long restroom break. But I'm a big girl now. I vowed many years ago to love and serve Him. But right at the beginning of Jesus being led to Calvary, I heard someone a couple of rows behind us sobbing. As the movie continued, the sobs became louder and louder and closer together. "Wow!" I thought. That person must really love the Lord and is agonizing with Him. Soon the sobs I heard were so loud that it was really distracting for everyone in our section of the theater.

My heart went out to this person so hurting for His Savior. After the movie, the four of us walked to the car in silence. I then said, "My heart was hurting for that person behind us. He must have such a close relationship with Jesus." That was when the other three filled me in. They said, "He wasn't sobbing about the crucifixion of Christ. He had a horrible cold or severe sinus problem. He went through a whole box of Kleenex blowing his nose." I shook my head in amazement and was thankful for the blasts of cold air as we got into the car.

Even though I felt exhausted when I hit the bed, I just couldn't sleep. Finally I drifted off. But then later I awoke - or was it a dream? There was Jesus standing beside me - His eyes piercing mine. Then He spoke. "My Child, do you realize that sometimes you are just like that man? I hear you pray to me and lean on me but there are many other times when I hear you sobbing. You forget I am here for you. Like the man at the theater, you reach for the Kleenex and make lots of sounds, but your thoughts are not directed toward me. Remember, My Child, those nails pierced my hands because I love you -I have already paid the price for your mistakes. The important thing for you to know is not that they have crucified me on that old rugged cross, but that it was my Father's hand that gave me new life again. And for those who love and accept me as their Savior, I have for them the gift of eternal life. Oh Jesus, I have felt you gently wipe the tears from my face. I have felt your touch as you have healed my body. I have heard your words as you guide my way.

Thank you, Savior.