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Henderson County Board discusses Video Gaming-Accepts Unanimously

By Sally Day for the Quill

Henderson County's forefathers would have been surprised and amazed at the fairly "techno-smart" board meeting, held Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

County Board Chairman Marty Lafarty broke the meeting briefly while waiting for a guest to appear. Curt Adams, Ayerco President was to have been present for the meeting.

Chairman Lafary called Adams on his "smart" phone. Soon, Chairman Lafary laid his cell phone down on the desk encircled by ten board members and Adams began to speak to the room. His first item of business was to apologize to all. "I have never missed a meeting," Adams said.

He had thought the Henderson County Board meetings were held in the evening instead of morning meetings.

Adams told the board how the video gaming, which he would like placed in his Carman location on Route 34 would work.

He explained that he did not want to sell open liquor, but thought Ayerco would pass the requirements to house a video gaming room.

Adams said they would have a room near the back of the building, separate from the retail portion of the business.

There would be a four foot high wall placed around the video games, and that smoked glass would top that.

He further stated that of the profits made by the video gaming 35% would go to the owner, 35% would go to the retailer, 25% would go to the State of Illinois and 5% would go to the City, Township, or County which the building was located. Or in this case, Henderson County.

Most of the board members had no problem with accepting the video gaming, as it appeared legal and safe. There were questions asked by board members and answered by Adams.

During the communication of board members to Adams, via smart phone, Circuit Clerk Sandra Keane was texting State's Attorney Scott McClintock to get his take on the gaming situation. McClintock said he had no problem with it as it has been approved by the state.

The board agreed unanimously to accept video gaming in Henderson County.

In other business, the board: