The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Big River Resources LLC Reports 2013 - Big Year For Ethanol

by: Dessa L Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

A larger than usual turnout for Big River Resources annual meeting on March 4th, just might be the results of the most profitable year yet for the 10 year old ethanol producer.

The 10th annual meetings of both the Big River Cooperative and the Big River LLC were held together at the Pzazz Convention Center with many happy shareholders in attendance who had just received a hearty dividend check a week earlier, for their faith in the farmer-ran cooperative.

Popular guest speaker Mike Adams of AgriTalk sang praises of the successful U.S. grown ethanol and of its greatness for America, the environment, and the economy.

Forty-eight percent of the net profits were returned to the 638 cooperative members. $3,240,000 in checks were sent out to stockholders in dividends.

CEO Ray Defenbaugh, introduced board members and employees. Shareholders gave a round of applause thanking the employees and the board for their work in making BRR a billion+ dollar industry.

Jim Hall Comptroller and Jim Leiting General Manager, talked about the peaks and the valleys, yet an amazing year of growth.

CEO Ray Defenbaugh talked of their ten years of growth which has made them today, the 6th largest ethanol producer in the world.

He told of the need for the blenders' rule to be continued, and strongly encouraged all to talk to legislators, and to especially support the candidates who will work to make EPA and OCEA administrators, elective offices rather than appointed ones.