The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1921 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, March 2, 1922 

1897 GRAPHIC: The machinery for oil drilling prospecting on the Alexander Rankin farm near Media has arrived. George Curry sold his interest in the livery business in Stronghurst to his partner, Elmer Royce and the latter consolidated the business with that of George Beal, the firm of Beal and Royce being organized. The death of Thomas Rankin, well known citizen of the Raritan neighborhood, occurred on Feb.24; he was 65 years of age. John Harbinson of Media neighborhood had his right leg broken and his left hip dislocated in an accident which occurred while he was breaking stalks in a cornfield. Frank Knox and family returned from Yates City, Ill. to resume their residence in Stronghurst. Mr. Knox has been employed by the Farmers’ elevator. The marriage of H.N.Vaughan of Lomax to Miss Lizzie Adair of Biggsville occurred at the home of the bride’s father, Wm. Adair, Feb. 25th.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lanphere and family have moved from Monmouth to their farm southeast of Stronghurst.  Gene Baxter has been promoted to the managership of the Farmers Co-operative store in Media.  M. E. Beardsley is in Chicago visiting friends and purchasing merchandise for the firm of Beardsley Bros.  Abram Davis arrived here from Eudora, Kans. and has been the guest of his nieces, Mrs. H. B. Fort and Miss Ida Davis.  Mrs. Etta Gustafson of Terre Haute spent the week with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Marshall on the Marshall farm northwest of Stronghurst.  Mr. and Mrs. Mart Murray have moved from Biggsville to the Wm. Stewart farm near Crystal Lake where Mart will be employed for the season. 

Miss Ruth Brook, Russell Brook, R.N. Marshall and perhaps some others from this vicinity attended the state Farmers Institute at Monmouth.  Miss Florence Cortleyou has been a sufferer from a badly infected tooth.  Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Lant are the parents of a young daughter born Feb. 24th and has been named Bonnie Burrell.  Little Ethel Ewing who makes her home with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Ewing, enjoyed a visit from her father who lives at Quincy, Ill.  The board of County Supervisors appointed S. A. Shields as superintendent of the county farm and jail to take the place of R. T. McDill, who recently resigned the position and moved to Oquawka.  Geo. Brown, well known citizen of Rozetta Township and former superintendent of the county farm at Oquawka died last Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Howard Cooper near Little York.

The Polled Hereford Association has received the full amount of insurance ($6,000-$81, 263.45 in today s values) carried on the sale pavilion recently destroyed by fire and will hold a meeting to decide on the question of rebuilding.  Relatives have received word of the birth on Feb. 23rd of a 9 ˝ lb. daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Carter of Springfield, Mo.  The mother was formerly Miss Sarah Voorhees of this vicinity. The children and a few intimate friends (30+) surprised Mrs. Mary Thompson on her 70th birthday with a luncheon.  The month of March was ushered in with a snowstorm and near zero weather; however, the snow is rapidly disappearing and indicates a season of muddy roads.

OBITUARY***MISS ALICE JOHNSON: Miss Alice Johnson of Gladstone passed away at the home of her sister, Mrs. I. F. Forward.  Her death came as a sad blow to her many friends.  She was born in Gladstone in January, 35 years ago, was a member of the U.P. Church and highly respected by all.  She is survived by five sisters: Mrs. I. F. Forward, Mrs. Sam Stevenson; Miss Lillie Johnson of Burlington, Mrs. Roy Neuman of Monmouth and Mrs. Ruby McDermott of Kewanee, Ill.  Her parents and four brothers preceded her to the grave.  The funeral was in the home with interment in South Henderson Cemetery. 

GLADSTONE GLEANIINGS: Leslie Ricketts has moved from Oquawka to the Miller farm northeast of town where he will farm this summer.  A fine baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Linn Galbraith at the home of the lady s mother, Mrs. Dave Cook.  Mrs. Sam Yates of Burlington is visiting her mother, Mrs. Nancy Ellis.  Miss Margaret Porter, an instructor in Burlington High School, spent the weekend with her parents.  John Fryer, George Christy and Bob Thomas were in Fort Madison to furnish music for a dance.  D. and Mrs. C. N. Stephen and Mrs. A. Rathburn were guests at the home of Walter Leibengood east of town.  F. Curtis moved from Arthur Gray farm into the Ward place.  Misses Florence Lewis and Ruth Forward have entered school for a special review course.  Everett Lewis purchased the Tweed property from the heirs of the late Mrs. Lucy Tweed and will now make it their home.

Mr. and Mrs. Len Ditto and children, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ditto and family and Mrs. J.L. DuVall went to Oquawka to help their mother, Mrs. Ellen Ditto, celebrate her 82nd birthday.  They all took well filled baskets and gave her a complete surprise. Allene Whitmeyer, daughter of Rev. Whitmeyer, was surprised Monday night by thirty some friends to celebrate her birthday.  The pastor presented Miss Whitmeyer with a gift of money and delicious refreshments were served.  John McCabe is moving from the Sam Stevenson farm south of town into Gladstone. 

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: The Missionary meeting of South Henderson was held at the home of Mrs. John Foster.  An all day Missionary sewing will be at the home of Mrs. Clara Ericson.  Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wiegand will in the near future start a bakery in the Staley Building recently vacated by John Fagan.  Part of the oven has already been installed.  An out of town man will be in charge of the bakery.  Papers were signed in a trade with Fred Bowen of Monmouth with Albert Pearson and Clark Kelly making a trade of the Bowen farm west of town for the Kelly and Pearson garage(? )in Monmouth.  Miss Hazel Adair was taken to the hospital and operated on for appendicitis; she is reported doing well.  J.H. Dickson, temperance and moral welfare worker, gave an address at the Presbyterian Church Sabbath morning on temperance and the enforcing of the 18th amendment. Uncle Billy Stevenson celebrated a birthday and received some 55 cards.  Tom Stewart who returned home from California sick is still confined to his bed having suffered a nervous break down.  (A long account of the annual George Washington dinner included in this column; if interested read it on microfilm.)

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: William Drain has returned from wintering in California and says Mrs. Drain is quite poorly and will come later.  The County Nurse, Mrs. Bell Devoe, examined the pupils in the grade school. (Small pox was in the county.) Mrs. R. R. Smith returned home to Kewanee after visiting her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Hickman.  B. Leftwick expects to move his family from the farm into the home recently purchased from Len Steele who expects to go to Iowa.  Harry Long is assisting at  the Santa Fe after several weeks doing relief work.  Mr. and Mr. Joe Cromwell are occupying the property vacated by the Blee sisters.  At the Community Club meeting Mrs. Geo. Wax who will be leaving soon was presented with a Pyrex pie pan by the president, Mrs. Dan Campbell.

CARMAN CONCERNS: The warm weather started the migration of ducks northward. The fields were literally black. It was quite a sight for the younger generation, but the older ones thought of old times. Quite a good many farmers are getting their corn to market; it has almost reached the 50 cent price again. The weather has been quite severe on the movers as the roads are very rough and the weather cold and windy. Miss Fern Finch has been staying a few days at Lomax with the Fred Rehling family. Nelson Hunter of Blandinsville visited the Archie Vaughn home. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mead entertained their parents, Mr. and Mrs. U.L. Marsden and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Pendry, Sr. and brothers Frank Marsden and Paul Pendry. Grandmother, Mrs. Nancy Twiller was there too. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Marsden are moving back to their home in the village after living through the winter near Crystal Lake.

LOMAX LINGERINGS: Clarence Burkett, who has spent the winter in California, returned home. Born to Fred Rehling and wife on Feb. 21st, a daughter. The postponed talent play, "Always in Trouble," will be given Thursday night. Joe Walker and family of La Harpe and Harry Pence and family spent Sunday at the Otis Daugherty home.