The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1922 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, Jan. 12, 1922

CARMAN CONCERNS: Mrs. Cora Magee called on her daughter, Mrs. Pete Good. Master Clyde Mead, Jr. was quite badly cut on his chin while playing on the ice. Mrs. Rozetta Bradley was quite badly scratched and bruised by being thrown out of her buggy while coming home from school. The horse she was driving was frightened at a tractor and ran away, but she was able to resume her school duties. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bigger, Cyrus, David, Clara and George and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bigger attended a family reunion at the Geo. Curtiss home near Gladstone, Mrs. Maud Vaughn is suffering greatly with her cancer. Wm. Babcook is shipping grain at Carthage Lake.

There was quite an excitement in the village Monday morning when Abraham Babcook went to open the store for the day. He discovered that someone had broken in the window and had been all through the building and cellar. Consequently, Sheriff McDill was notified. He brought bloodhounds with him and it is supposed to have gotten the party. This is the second break-in in a few months, but it is not known what was taken this time. (In last week's column, Roger Bosko was arrested.)

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: A.L. Runyon returned from Galesburg where he had received medical treatment. The missionary society was entertained at the home of Dr. Stevens; all had an enjoyable time. Miss Alice Johnson is in very poor health. The funeral service for the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Lox was held Sunday afternoon at the home.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Little Hazel Neff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Neff of the south country, is recovering nicely from a severe attack of diphtheria. No other case has developed in the family and the nurse has been discharged. Linemen of the Western Utilities Co. are rebuilding the lines in the village. Mrs. George Barnett is quite seriously ill from dropsy (edema) at her home north of town. Mrs. Richard Stanley of Pecos Valley, Texas, was called here by the death of her father, Mr. Otho Garrett. Mr. and Mrs. R.N. Marshall are now residents of Stronghurst having moved into their recently home on Mary Street purchased from P. W. Wallin. Lake Fort is the site of large crowds each day and evening skating.

Mrs. Robert Begley has been quite seriously ill this past week. Miss Martha Davis is receiving radium treatment at Galesburg for further relief from throat affliction. Mr. Robert Upton who has been a sufferer from inflammatory rheumatism for some time, is using x-ray treatment for the removal of the tonsils as a relief. Mr. W.L. Spiker is at a hospital in Chicago where he recently had a cataract removed from one eye and will receive similar treatment for the other, having become almost blind previous to going to Chicago. Lucile Nolen, the seven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Algert Nolen, was operated upon for appendicitis at the Burlington Hospital; she is recovering nicely.

Mr. Chas. L. Marshall who has been employed for the past year as lineman for the Stronghurst Telephone Co. left for Los Angeles, Calif. where he has accepted a similar position. Dr. A. E. Lauver has purchased of Mr. and Mrs. John Ewing the building on Broadway, four doors north of the post office and after extensive improvements will occupy it as an office. Mr. and Mrs. Ewing are removing to the Kessinger house.

A movement has been started to organize a Community High School District for Dallas City and vicinity. A good attendance at the Basket Ball Girls' benefit at the Lyric Thursday evening enjoyed a program of music and specialties by local talent. The audience greatly enjoyed a film picture "Suds" featuring Mary Pickford. (About $17.50 was cleared which went to pay for equipment.) Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hicks left for Iron Mountain, Mich. where they were called by the critical condition of their daughter, Mrs. F.L. Stewart. C. O. Glad and family left for Tulare, Calif. where they hope a change of climate may be beneficial to the health of their children. The high school teachers will entertain the grade teachers at the NuVon Hotel.

At the meeting of the Stronghurst Grain and Mdse. Co. all the old directors were re-elected and also the old officers. Mr. Walter Howell was re-employed as manager for another year. Lake Fort Club is putting on a skating carnival at the lake for Friday, Jan. 13th. The superstitious may hesitate about attending on account of the hoodoo suggested by the date; but their bad luck will probably be in not participating in the fun.

Mrs. J. W. Braun, who was well known to the traveling public and especially to people who were called to Oquawka during sessions of court as keeper of one of the most homelike boarding houses in the country, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. L. Brooks on Jan. 4th following a stroke of apoplexy which she suffered the Monday previous.

INSURANCE COMPANY MEETING: The Stronghurst Mutual Farmers Fire Insurance Co. held their annual meeting with C.R.A. Marshall of Stronghurst Township, S.E. Pendarvis of Biggsville Township and J.Y. Gearheart of Raritan township re-elected as directors for three year terms. The company wrote $272,800($3,830,217.46 today's values) worth of new insurance during 1921 and now have policies in force aggregating $1,334,865 ($18, 079,290.06 today's values).

HELPING THE FARMERS: Ainsworth, Neb.-In order to assist neighboring farmers, who are in desperate financial straits, residents of this town are buying corn by the load for fuel. Most of the businesses have stopped burning coal and it is a common sight to see a farm wagon unloading corn into an empty coal bin "Buy a load of Corn" has become a local slogan for patriotic Nebraskans.