The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1921 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, Dec. 1, 1921

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Mrs. Frances Gillauthe, 65 years of age, offered to give the St. Francis Hospital in Peoria $4,000 for her room and board during the remainder of her natural life. The offer was accepted and she died within a week. Her heirs tried to have the contract set aside, but the appellate court held it good. A number of Dallas City young people report seeing a large buck deer in the road between that city and Fort Madison while they were returning home from a dance which they had attended in the latter mentioned city. The young people were riding in a truck and claimed that they chased the deer for about two miles and that it then leaped a high fence and disappeared across the fields. (This was an oddity as deer had all but disappeared from this area.) The annual Dixson family Thanksgiving reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Dixson and all had a royal time.

The Blandinsville Gazette allows that things are a little out of joint when a dozen eggs will pay for a half bushel of wheat or two bushels of corn and when it takes 5 bushels of corn to buy a bushel of turnips. (After WWI farm prices were depressed.) Contracts were signed by which Mr. B.L. Mudd disposed of his 147 acre farm located 3 miles south of Stronghurst to John Ross of Ellison Township in Warren County and O.L. Beckett of this place, the latter acquiring a 35 acre plat adjoining his own farm which is located on the north of the Mudd farm and Mr. Ross taking the balance of the farm.

Marion Forbes has a position in Chicago as a salesman for the Woodstock Typewriter Co. Miss Julia Huppert, a student in Brown's Business College in Burlington and her aunt visited home folks Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Marshall and family are moving into their newly completed and finely equipped home on Mary St. in Stronghurst. Max Barnett, who has employment in Burlington was taken seriously ill at the Y.M.C.A. rooms and was taken to the Burlington Hospital where he was operated on for appendicitis; he is recovering nicely. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. White sent their son Russell in Chicago the constituents for a fine Thanksgiving dinner by parcel post. Miss Martha Davis went to the Galesburg Hospital where she was operated upon for the removal of her tonsils for an abscess of the neck; she is recovering nicely. The pupils of the Fort school, which she teaches, are taking a vacation during her illness. The Misses Ethel and Edith Hartquist visited their sister, Miss Evelyn, who is a student at Northwestern University. The revival meetings which have been in progress at the Christian Church under the direction Elder Catlin closed last Saturday evening with a baptismal service. The meetings have resulted in quite a spiritual awakening and a number of accessions have been made to the church.

NARROW ESCAPE: Claude Renwick, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Alf Renwick, had a very narrow escape from death. A young bull had broken into a neighbor's field and Claude had gone after it on a horse. While on their way home the young animal turned on the horse and rider and charged straight at them plunging his horns into the horse which in agony sprang forward almost throwing Claude to the ground. He managed to remain on the horse which was his only safety. He then managed to turn the horse into a neighbor's barnyard. The horse was fatally hurt and had to be killed. The young animal had never been of an angry disposition and when later captured and taken home showed no further resistance.

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: Graham Stewart who was returned to the hospital had his limb cut into finding a great deal of puss at the bone. Since the operation his condition has been better. The entertainment given at the high school by the grade children realized $40. Sixteen ladies enjoyed a rug rag sewing Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. J. Y. Whiteman. Refreshments of raspberries and whipped cream, cake and coffee were served. The men of the country club will entertain their ladies Friday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Whiteman west of town at a womenless wedding. Mrs. Eliza Smith of Monmouth has been engaged to have charge of the kitchen work. At a reception at the M. E. Church for their pastor, Rev. Morton and family, all members were asked to bring a donation of a pound of anything. A good crowd was present and had an enjoyable time.

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Dennie Ahlburg has been appointed railway mail clerk. Charles Dyle is working at the West Burlington shops. The new house Mr. Oberly has built on his farm south of town is finished and they expect to move into it his week. George Christy has his restaurant building finished on Main Street and moved into it Tuesday. George Green from Bryan's Garage went to Monmouth to attend a meeting of the Elks lodge. Wallace Mitchel, who has been ill for several days, has returned to work at the Runyon Garage.

MEDIA MEANDERINGS: Edwin Erickson, who is attending Augustana College at Rock Island, brought home three of his schoolmates, Messrs. Erman Fredreckson and Emil Newman. The corn husking will soon be done in the area. The high school will give an oyster supper in the Community club room with proceeds going to the school. Terre Haute and Media high school basketball teams had a double header game. The first game was won by Terre Haute with a score of 33 to 19. The second contest was won by the Media boys with a score of 7 to 5. The Seed Co. basketball team expects to play the young men's Sunday school team of the United Presbyterian Church of Biggsville sometime this week.