The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

It was quite a shock to hear

by Dessa Rodeffer, Publisher/Owner

April 10, 2013

I, along with the Stronghurst community, will miss Dr. Bob Pogue.

He has meant everything to our area. He has doctored us, listened to our concerns, called us with his concerns for us, and boosted our spirits in almost every activity that a small town has.

To put it simply, we loved him - such a very kind and very compassionate man.

And he was fun. Every parade and celebration going, Doctor Pogue with his wife and staff, would be involved. It was always the best part of the parade, whether he was dressed as "Uncle Sam"on stilts, or "Spider Man" he was a great spirit booster, and he loved to lighten' up the room with one of his pranks.

I remember the girls at the restaurant calling me to bring my camera because Doc was going to appear from the upstairs staircase in a Peter Pan outfit and they wanted it in the paper. Later, he called me and asked me please not to publish it because he had patients who were very sick and he didn't want them to get the wrong impression that he was out having fun and wasn't concerned for them.

Doc always put his patients first, before anything else. He would make house calls, see you in his garage as well as in the hospital or nursing home, or the ball field, or where-ever you might be. His tall framed body combined with his good nature, compassion and love of the rural life, made him a perfect fit for a community such as ours.

He was also a big part of each of our families and we suffer a huge loss with his passing. Our sympathy to the family and thanks for sharing so much of him with us.