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Media Township History

Years ago when Margie Barber and I were discussing early history of this township, she gave me this history of the area-commemoration of the town of Media's 125th birthday, these articles written by Faree Mathers are being shared.--Virginia Ross

Part XI


Preaching services were first held during the fall of 1889 and the following spring a Sabbath School was organized and met in the Wever Academy. On September 24, 1892 after preaching services the Media United Presbyterian church was organized at which time the certificates of 37 persons were received from the Ellison congregation (Walnut Grove Church) as charter members. The new congregation was made up of these families: Alexander Rankin, David Gibson, Samuel Mathers, William Lukens, John Gibb, John Pogue and wife, Jim Pogue and E. S. Mathers and wife.

The first elders of the church were J. F. Main, William A. Lukens, and E. S. Mathers. The latter held this office until death (53 years). On March 5, 1893, Rev. G.G. Wilson became the first pastor. In 1894 the I. T. Pogue family, Will and John Campbell brought their letters from the Ellison church to Media. In 1897 the Media U.P. Church building was erected at a cost of $3, 500.

When the Ellison U.P. Church disbanded 26 members brought their church letters to Media an joined the Media U.P. Church Jan. 22, 1905. Those who came at this time were the families of C. G. Richey, Edgar Rankin, William Spear, Mrs. Lurencia Pogue and sons, Charles and Arthur, William Bigger and wife, and James Wray.

In 1928-1929 the men of the church dug the basement and did some remodeling to the church and in 1964 the kitchen was enlarged.

The Methodist Church was erected in 1903 and Rev. G.G. Getey was the first pastor. It was disbanded in 1949. After getting consent from the Higher Officials of the M.E. and U.P. Church, they united May 10, 1940 and became the Media United Presbyterian Community Church. The Methodist members became Associate Members. The Methodist church was torn down later and a dwelling house was built on the lot.


Many buildings were built and some were moved into town in 1890. Our town was laid out and the streets were named. Starting at the east edge of town the streets were named East, Main, Maple, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth. The hard road was built on Grove Street. The next street south is Ellison and then Wever Street south of the High School. Henderson and South come next. These streets have never been opened up for the public to use.

The first business house in Media was built by John Dalton. It was a dwelling house and general store combine. E.S. Mathers purchased the first merchandise sold in Media at this store which was some muslin.

The next building was one moved in from the county and had some built on to it. It was known as the Suydam Hotel and was occupied by John Suydam and family. It stood just south of the High School across the road.

The next buildings were a blacksmith shop and a dwelling house. The first blacksmith was Ed Brewer. This building and shop stood in the east part of town. Both buildings were purchased later by Harvey Fuller. He was a blacksmith and operated the shop and lived with his family next to the shop. Neil Sullivan and family came to town about the time the Fuller came. His blacksmith shop was just west of the east elevator. Joe Smith was also one of Media's blacksmiths.

The first grain and lumber dealers were the Barry Brothers. The lumberyard was on the east side of the public road in the east part of town. A few years later it was owned by W. E. Terry Lumber Co.

The first grain elevator was built by a Mr. Carol and was operated by horsepower. It was torn down by H. O. White in the summer of 1935. Three years after the first elevator was constructed in 1892, a second one was built by John and David Barry, brothers. It stood on the west side of town. It was destroyed by fire. Another elevator was operated by Charles C. Davis and Co. with John Christian as the manager. In 1905 H.O. White and family moved to town and he worked at the elevator.

Later the elevator burned and was rebuilt by Belden Co. with John Christian manager. In 1925 Mr. H. O. White took over the elevator as manager and owner. His son Eldon White helped him operate it. In 1947 Jim White joined them. In 1962 the Firm was incorporated and is now known as White and White Grain Co.

In 1964 White and White Grain Co. completed a new elevator which stands 95 feet high and 66 feet in diameter. It has storage bin of 270,000 bushels and a new continuous flow dryer and also a batch dryer which can handle 100 bushels of grain per minute when running full capacity. The new elevator will permit the loading of a grain car including weighing of the grain in 20 minutes.