The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

County Board accepts insurance amendment

By Sally Day for the Quill

Keith Krohe of Crossroads Insurance Services, Table Grove, was present at the Henderson County Board meeting, September 10, to ask members to accept an amendment to the county's insurance program. Krohne explained that individuals were allowed to, but not forced to look for another company in the "exchange" to look for a policy. These would be individuals with a chronic disease or serious injury, with large medical bills. He claimed that these individuals could come back to his insurance agency if they were not happy with the policy. These matters were within keeping of the Affordable Care Act.

The board passed a motion to approve the amendment.

In a discussion about Court Security it was suggested that there be a Security Person on hand five days a week. Currently, Wendell Booton is the Court Security three days a week. It was further suggested that this person be an intern, someone in law enforcement training. Chief Deputy Donnie Seitz noted that State's Attorney Scott McClintock should be asked about this before making a decision.

A new door on the East side of the building, with locking pegs and other security features could be purchased at a cost of about $5000.

Chief Deputy Clerk Jessie Scipio had suggested a camera at the East door, hooked into a screen at the desk of the Court Security person. The price of this would be about one-tenth of that of a new door. There has still been a breach in security of the East door from time to time. This is usually on the lunch hour.

In other business, the board: