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La Harpe City Council: First Reading On Revised Liquor Ordinance


It was a full house except at the La Harpe City Council table Monday evening, as city council convened for their regular 7:00 meeting October 14th.

Mayor Ken Brown, and Aldermen Mike Bennett and Todd Irish, were all absent, and a motion was made for Brian Lovell to be mayor pro tempore.

The first reading of the amendment to the Liquor License was read.

The amendment reads that a Class A Liquor License holder can sell alcohol from 1 pm to 12 am on Sundays.

The proposed ordinance will be posted at the city hall for anyone to read and people need to get ahold of their alderman with their opinions on this matter.

A few city residents were at the Monday meeting to show the council that they are against the proposed ordinance.

Maggie Jones asked for an update on amending the ordinances and increasing the fines for the properties in town that are a being or not being cleaned up. City Attorney Kurt Dittmer assured her that they are still in the making.

Karlene Kurtz told the council that the shelter house in the park is in need of repair. "We will be putting Christmas lights up soon and the shelter house is in very bad shape."

Bobi James asked the council to help pay for half of the cost of a new staircase for her building that she owns.

The staircase sits halfway in the middle of her building and the city's building. She also asked to be reimbursed for half of the cost of having the property surveyed. The council recommended that she gets a couple of estimates and come back to another meeting.

Brian Covert on behalf of the La Harpe Fire Department asked the city if they would pay for half of a new sidewalk and put in a new culvert at the firehouse, if the fire department pays for a new approach. The trucks are rubbing on the pavement when being backed into the firehouse. This would be a spring project and Covert was told to get an estimate on the sidewalk repair.

The council was asked if they drive around town and make note of properties of concern. The answer was if someone has a problem with a house in their neighborhood to contact their alderman or the police. Alderman Darryl Kraft said "We need more public participation. We need more people to show they care about this town." Lovell assured that the council is interested in this matter and we are not going to just let it drop.

In other news, an inspection was made by the EPA at the water plant. Although the results haven't been given, several items of concern have already been taken care of it was reported. The rural water line and testing on the water is finished, and tidying up of the work area will be done when there is some rain. Tim Graves said that the sewer plant is looking a lot better.

Residents on South First street have asked for more speed limit signs to be put up due to more children living in the neighborhood and the increased activity to the elevator.

The copier at the city shed is no longer working, city employees were told to get prices on new copiers. The sidewalk at the old Fishers building is being repaired. The metal has been replaced on one end and patch will be put over the other end until proper work can be done in the spring.

On the matter of overdue or delinquent water bills, five days after the due date, $3.00 will be added to the bill, if your water bill is disconnected for non-payment, a $25.00 reconnection fee will be charged and there is also a $25.00 returned check fee if the check is bad.

A P.E.O race will be held this Saturday starting at the Methodist Church. This race is to raise money for a scholarship for a Senior Girl at Illini West.

There were some limbs that were broken off at the cemetery, landed on a headstone, knocked it over, but did not cause any major damage to it. Weaver Tree Service cleaned it up. The cornerstone from the old elementary school was placed in the city park last week and a pad was poured for the new bench. Town & Country has been contacted to work on the electrical in the southeast part of the city park. The police camera was lost on the job, a new one will be purchased. The wreaths need checked in preparation for the La Harpe Country Christmas on December 3rd. The next city council meeting will be October 28th.