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County tables discussion on Health Department insurance

By Sally Day for the Quill

Henderson County State's Attorney, Scott McClintock told board members during the October 8, 2013 meeting that the county is not responsible to pay the Health Department's employees' health insurance.

"The county has no control over the Health Department," Marty Lafary, County Board Chairman stated. The County Board appoints people to their board, at the Health Department's suggestion. The County Board said the Health Department has $400,000 in reserve. "That is better than ours," said board member Dave Hinshaw. The cost of the insurance is approximately $120,000. Hinshaw thought the County Board could pay a portion of the insurance.

Chairman Lafary thought Henderson County Health Department Administrator Lynn Haas should be in attendance before any decisions are made.

Haas had asked to make a clarification after last month's meeting. She noted that many years ago, the then Administrator Mary Reed had told the board the Health Department would take over paying for the insurance, as the Health Department was more financially solvent at the time. The County Board gratefully accepted her offer.

The board agreed to table the discussion until they have a clearer view of next year's budget.

In other business, the board:

Tex Stewart was absent.