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LH School Board September Meeting

La Harpe teacher Brian Sullivan gave a presentation to the La Harpe Board of Education with the help of his junior high Rtl (Response to Intervention) Class.

The students who participated were Abby Crawford, Will Geissler, Hunter Kienast, Cheyenne Imthurn, Bryce Payne, and Brock Richardson.

Sullivan and his students demonstrated many of the ways an interactive white board is used in the classroom to enliven teaching and learning, focus student attention, and boost student connectivity with mathematics topics.

The board enjoyed seeing first-hand the benefits of the dollars spent on technology that direct impacts the students of their district.

The board held the annual budget hearing and approved the budget. The board approved payment of the bills, the first reading of policy updates, the Annual Application for Recognition of Schools, the Annual Administrative Compensation Report, and board agreements from their September 7, self-evaluation meeting.

As a consent agenda, the board approved the minutes, financial report, and regular deletion of closed meeting recordings.

In closed meeting, the board discussed matters regarding an employee contract and a special education placement.

In open meeting, the board approved the additional superintendent goals per the superintendent's contract.

Superintendent Olson's report mentioned that the 7th grade has been chosen to participate in PARRC (Partnership of Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) field tests for mathematics.

Dr. Olson also provided a report of new legislation affecting schools, and a recent meeting about this year's tax levy with area superintendents and IASA (Illinois Association of School Administrators) mentor, Dr. Bill Phillips.

Principal McKeown gave updates on baseball and girls' basketball. The baseball-themed Open House was very well attended.

Many people commented about how nice and clean the school looks, and the booster club gave a presentation about their purpose and their fundraisers.

McKeown reviewed recent professional development activities that she and the staff have completed in the last month.

A common difficulty voiced by teachers is how to teach while also collecting a lot of data to meet state mandates.

McKeown spoke of the imminent changes in teaching and assessing students as well as a new teacher and principal evaluation and licensure processes.

The September 17, 2013 regular monthly meeting was held in the school library with the following members in attendance: President Cindy Wear, Vice President Nate Butler, Pam Campbell, Dustin Detherage, Mark Irish, Bobi James, and David Mershon, Superintendent Ryan Olson, Principal Lila McKeown, and board Secretary Jeanne Clayton were also in attendance.

Visit the new website format at to view agendas, news releases and approved minutes, at the school board link.