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Congressman Bobby Schilling - Back In The Congressional Race

Bill Knupp, Carman, and Kim Gullberg, Stronghurst, greet Bobby Schilling keynote speaker at the Henderson County Family Picnic at Delabar State Park Sept. 22, and were happy to learn about his new campaign to reclaim the Congressional seat..."BRING BOBBY BACK".. or better yet, "Bye Bye Bustos." The former Congressman said we were defeated by 7% due to redistricting. "We need to do a better job of getting people out to vote," Schilling said. "I'm the pizza guy and a dad. It's not fun being in Congress, but I only have to look into the eyes of my kids and look at all the liberals ruining our country and it's pretty easy to step into the race again."

"We have to engage this country. People have destroyed this state and I am not going to sit down and watch this happen!"

Schilling said people are escaping to Iowa. Paul Ryan called him to encourage him to run saying Obama has big issues including the national debt, but that or fixing the economy is not his priority. His number one priority is taking back the House in the next election.

Ryan told Schilling, "By the time he is through, you will not be ale to recognize this country." Schilling said Americans have to get engaged and help get America back on track.

Randy Frees will be running for the State Representative seat in District 94, after Jil Tracy was chosen as Sen. Kirk Dillard's running mate for Lieutenant Governor in his race for Governor. Others running for IL Governor in the Republican Primary, Senator Bill Brady, State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, and businessman Bruce Rauner.