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Breakaway College Girl

by Ali Postle, of Stronghurst, finished with her  first college year at Northern Illinois University -DeKalb; 2012 West Central Graduate, engaged to Kevin Burgus of Stronghurst.

Hello Readers!

I know I have been away for awhile but I thought I would update you all on what is happening with me!

My finance Kevin (Burgus) left for boot camp on October 21st.  Let me tell you, it has not been easy at all!

The first couple days were the worst! I just moped around and spent endless hours on the couch. It really had not hit me yet, that he was gone, and would be for the next 13 weeks!

I honestly think I would still be on my couch if I did not have all the amazing support of my friends and family!

I had been writing letters since the day he left and finally sent them when I received his address.  I was so excited when I received my first letter last week and am still anxiously awaiting my next letter.

I write him every single day, just to tell him about my day and how much I miss him. I am not sure if he has received any of my letters yet, but I sure hope so. I know they will help when he can read what I am doing here.

I try and be cheerful and upbeat in all my letters. I usually draw a little picture in each one and hope he smiles when he sees it, since I am a horrific drawer! ( Trust me, I am REALLY bad).

I just try to do anything to bring some joy to his crazy lifestyle right now. I can not even imagine everything he is going through.

I know I have said this time and time again in articles before, but cherish every second you have with loved ones. It is crazy how much you appreciate the little things when they are away.

I know it will be especially hard with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching and Kevin not being here to celebrate with us, but I also know that he is doing an amazing thing for our country!

I hope January arrives quickly so I can be in California to see Kevin graduate as a United States Marine!

Please, keep Kevin in your prayers. He is in his third week with ten more weeks to go of that dreaded boot camp....  and to our  precious U.S. veterans and their families, thanks for the sacrifices you’ve made, and for standing guard over us and our nation.