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Letters to Editor

Grandma Ann Retires From Small World

As summer begins at Small World we are going to be saying good-bye to a very special person. Ann Wetzel, better known to all as Grandma Ann, is retiring from her cooking duties to enjoy time with her children and grandchildren. Since I have only worked with Ann for a short time I have asked her daughter for some help filling in the past.

As told by Gwen Wetzel Sones:

Ann graduated from Western IL University with a Master's degree in Home Economics and a teaching license. She was Home Economist in Warren County till Gwen was born.

For the next 20 years she was chief bottle washer and cook, Mom, taxi driver, and home manager for the Wetzel family. She was known for her meals in the field, the baking, nutritious meals, and countless trips to town for the kids' activities.

She could manage a family on a shoestring budget and still sew, cook, clean, grocery shop, put in a huge garden, and take care of all of us.

Later she worked at the Quill office until Dean's farm accident, at which point she promptly quit to take care of him and be his therapist, cheerleader, nurse, and healer. Then Jacob came and she watched him every day, till she had an adventure with liver cancer, and had to take care of that. Beat that twice and is still cancer free.

After all this, she took the job at the day care and became Grandma Ann to all the towns' young people. She has lived up to the title "Grandma Ann" with all her cooking and loving hands. She has the strongest faith of anyone I know, and is the best Mom, Grandma, Aunt, friend, neighbor, anyone could have.

"I have known Ann for only two years but it feels like so much longer. She has taught me a great deal about love, life, and my job. I have never met someone who enjoyed coming to work every day and preparing all the food for so many children.

I have enjoyed many chats and laughs with Ann over the two years and know that I am as welcome in her home as she is in mine. I can speak for all the children and staff at Small World past and present that Ann has touched all of our lives and she will be greatly missed.

Ann has blessed the lives of so many children with her kind words, loving smile, and willingness to help whenever needed. I know that I will greatly miss seeing Ann every day but take comfort in the fact that she is just around the corner to chat when needed.

We just want to tell Ann how much we love her and appreciate her and everything she and her family has done for Small World. I hope this article shows just a little of how much we love you and appreciate you for loving us and Small World!

Megan Cook, Director


Church Family

My son, Glenn, recently graduated from West Central.

The congregation from church was a blessing and tribute. We are very graced and blessed through the years to have such a wonderful church family at the Biggsville United Methodist Church.

This church family witnessed our daughter, Samantha's wedding, and Glenn Albert receiving his Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America.

Along with the happy occasions, this congregation also shared difficult times. The phrase, "It takes a community to raise a child" is certainly true. God has blessed us.