The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village Of Raritan Minutes

The trustees met in the meeting room of the Raritan Firehouse May 9, 2013 with trustees Blender, Anders, Magee, Powless, Knapp, Williamson and President Waller answering roll call.

Visitors: Eng. Dennis Rankin. Trustee Blender opened with prayer. On motion by trustee Magee, seconded by trustee Anders the minutes were approved as presented. Motion carried.

Bills presented were as follows: Phil Anders $84.00; Waste Management $948.60; Ameren IP $1704.65; Dennis Rankin $179.80; Dallas Rural Water $594.29; Jay Blender $405.00; Carlyn Anders $381.42; Gary Powless $80.00; PDC Lab $29.00; Deann Waller $11.76; Thompson Insurance $225.00; Quill $72.60; Kellogg $318.30. A motion was made by trustee Blender, seconded by trustee Williamson to approve the above bills. Motion carried.

A motion was made by trustee Knapp, seconded by trustee Blender to hold $500.00 from paying Stoneking until tires are removed. Motion carried.

A motion was made by trustee Knapp to hire Carlyn Anders at $10.00 per hour to send out water bills and to hire Sammy Blender at $500.00 per year to record water payments. Roll call vote: Blender-abstain, Knapp-yea; Magee-yea; Williamson-yea, Powless-yea, Anders-yea. Motion carried.

Dennis Rankin was present reporting he had received a letter from EPA requesting a contract between himself and the Village of Raritan as its engineer to take water test, etc.

A discussion was held about the Duncan property which needs mowing and moving the sump pump discharge away from sidewalk. Trustee Blender will prepare the letter for president to sign.

A motion was made by trustee Powless, seconded by trustee Knapp and unanimous approval of the board the meeting was adjourned to the next regular meeting night. Motion carried.