The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


By Elaine Slater Reese (Spring Green, Wi.)

Did you expect me to discuss America's national debt in reference to Memorial Day? Well, our national debt is certainly not my favorite subject. It's depressing, and it's become almost beyond our comprehension.

I read horrendous debt figures in newspapers and magazines - hear them on tv. But the other day I typed the words AMERICA'S NATIONAL DEBT on my computer. A page jumped out at me - a page totally filled with bright red boxes. I assume the red not only signified debt but also DANGER. The numbers kept jumping higher every second. Each box had a label - social security, medicare, military, etc.

And at that moment a light bulb went on - WHOA, NELLIE!!!! America, the land of the free! Past generations believed they had to work hard to get ahead - to provide for their families.

It seems many now interpret land of the free as America owes me - I am entitled. Let's make one thing clear. One great fact about America is that there is help for those who actually need it. But America does not owe everyone. Everyone owes America!

What our national debt actually should be about is the prayers and thanks that we owe to those who have given their lives, their limbs, their minds, their time throughout history that we might be free. The debt we owe for that is way beyond any figures on computers.

Somehow we have forgotten the original intents of our forefathers. I can now interpret our laws as I personally see fit. I can burn the red, white, and blue. I can urinate on Ole Glory. AGAIN, OUR FREEDOM IS NOT FREE - SOMEONE PAID FOR IT! Our freedom and those who are responsible for it deserve respect - not abuse! We owe that to them.

When was the last time you walked slowly through a cemetery - stood at the stones of fallen soldiers? Did you think what it would be like if you yourself had been in their place?

Our real national debt is not the amount of money that we are borrowing that our government has so carelessly built up. Our national debt is to those who gave their blood, their lives, their all that we might be free. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!