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La Harpe City council

by Christy Kienast , The Quill

The La Harpe City council met on Monday, March 25, 2013 at the city La Harpe city hall. All council members were present including the new Junior Council member Rachel Clayton.

Bob Shutwell, representative of the La Harpe High School Class of 1952 was present to ask permission to put the cornerstone of the 1928 building that was torn down this past summer in the city park. The Class of \'d552 was also responsible for getting the 1899 cornerstone in the park. The motion was approved and the council will look into possibly getting a bench to put between the two markers.

The public works committee met with Eric Moe from McClure Engineering and is in the process of getting estimates for the work on South 4 and 5th street intersections as well as the intersection of G street south as well as other possible street repairs. The committee also gave city employees the approval to get the cold patch to fix the holes in the roads.

Cemetery Clean- up is April 1st-15th.

Police Chief Livingston is having trouble hiring and retaining part time officers as they get hired full time elsewhere and move on. It was a suggestion to look into the possibility of hiring a 3rd full time police officer. Mayor Brown noted that when anybody calls the La Harpe Police Department phone number, the call goes directly to the Sheriff\'d5s office where a dispatcher will contact the LHPD even in non- emergency situations.

The Hancock County Economic Summit meeting will be Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at the Marine Bank in Carthage.

Mayor Brown noted that the La Harpe school board met last week with the architectural group of the new elementary and junior high with a model and presentation.

Anybody wishing to see pictures of the preliminary plans for Phase II of the construction can go to

Summerfest dates are July 24th-July 28th with the La Harpe Classic Car Show Reunion being scheduled for Saturday, August 3rd.

City Wide Yard Sales were set for Friday and Saturday, May 3 and 4th with City wide clean- up to hopefully be scheduled in the weeks following.

Rachel Clayton was officially accepted as Junior Council member. Clayton can set in on meetings and can vote on items brought up to the council.

She has been invited to stay on through the summer or until she leaves for school depending on her schedule.

Clayton hopes to learn a little bit more about how our community works and what goes on behind the scenes.

She is looking forward to meeting more people and becoming more involved with the community.

Meeting was adjourned.