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Dr. Lindo Honored At Eagle View

Dr Lindo has been the primary physician for the Eagle View Community Health System Clinic in Oquawka for fifteen years, and is leaving the end of May. The Clinic in Oquawka held an open house in honor of Dr. Lindo on Wednesday, March 20th. Many patients, past and present stopped by to share stories and memories of the last fifteen years. They talked of kids, grandkids, parents and spouses. They discussed technology (computers and cell phones) and all the changes that have taken place in the time Dr. Lindo has been here. Dr. Lindo enjoys ‘Trivia’ but remembers when some of those ‘facts’ were important – not trivial. One of his well-wishers gave him a book on ‘Trivia’.

Dr. Jonathan Lindo resides in Monmouth with his wife Norma. He graduated from the Far Eastern University in Manila and is board certified in general medicine.

Leaving the Oquawka Clinic is bittersweet for Dr. Lindo, as he has many very fond memories of his time spent here.

He said a lot has changed, but the people are still warm and friendly and he and his wife enjoy the small Midwest town living. Their family is what they have been missing though.

They have a son, Sean and a daughter Cheryl who are both married and both live in California. Norma also has three sisters in California. He said they would probably relocate there in a few years. Dr. S. C. Lindo is Dr. Jonathan Lindos brother and lives in Biggsville.

He had a very active practice in Biggsville and also served the Oquawka Clinic. He retired creating an opportunity for his brother to come to the area.

Dr. Jonathan Lindo came to the Oquawka Clinic in 1998. They have another brother who lives in Manila and they mostly stay in touch by ‘skype’ on the computer.

Before coming to Illinois, Dr. Lindo was an urgent care physician in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They developed some lasting friendships there, also.

Executive Director of the Eagle View Clinic, Melinda Whiteman announced that Katie Gratz, Physicians Assistant from Donnelson, Iowa will assume most of the duties of Dr. Lindo.