The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Breakaway College Girl

by Ali Postle, Freshman at Northern Illinois University -DeKalb; 2012 West Central Grad -Special For The Quill

Hey everyone! Sorry about no column last week, but since I was on spring break I thought I would just take a break from everything!

I had an absolutely amazing spring break. I was lucky to have some of my friends on spring break at the same time as me so it was good to catch up!

My weekend in Indiana was so very worth it! Uncle Matt took Mom and I to our first hockey game. I was pretty skeptical because I think hockey is so boring on TV, but it is completely different! It was really exciting and fun to watch!

My cousin Elijah has gotten so big since I saw him last July! He is already crawling and even saying a few words! If you have me in Facebook you'll see I posted a ton of pictures. I couldn't help it! - I loved spending time with my wonderful family!

I also got to stop by and see my brother on the way home. I've noticed that we have become a lot closer since we both went to college. The first thing I said to him was, "Drew, you look so oldā". I meant it in the nicest way possible. I am just used to my brother being a boy and not looking like a man and getting ready to turn 21 in June! It's so crazy how fast time flies by.

The bad thing about spring break is it feels like a tease for summer break. That one week I had off flew by so fast it was unbelievable. I was so busy with different things everyday, that all the days just ran together and before I knew it I was driving back to DeKalb.

The good news is I only have about 7 weeks left of my freshmen year! Crazy right?!

Time really does fly by. We have to take the time and look around. You never know if you are going to miss something important. School flies by, people get older, and things keep changing! If you rush through life, you might miss something important. But now, it's back to hitting the books and finishing up another busy week at Northern IL Univ.