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Breakaway College Girl

by Ali Postle, of Stronghurst, finished with her first college year at Northern Illinois University-DeKalb; 2012 West Central Graduate, engaged to Kevin Burgus, Stronghurst.

Hello Readers! Sorry it has been so long since I have written a column. I have been so busy with wedding planning, working two jobs, and trying to find some time with my family and friends!

As some of you already know, I also work at Hagy's Bar and Grill in Dallas City. I waitress three or four nights a week and I absolutely love it. I am a very outgoing person and love to talk so I love being around people. The other night I was working and just finishing cleaning up. A man came in looking tired. He had on a bikers suit, well thats what it looked like, and he sat down to get some dinner and a drink. Being the outgoing person I am, I sat down across from him and asked what he was doing. The minute he started talking I knew he would be interesting because he had a British accent.

He told me he was a kayaker and was on a mission to kayak from Lake Istaska, Minnesota to New Orleans, which is a total of 2500 miles in about a month and a half. I probably gave him a crazy look and he went on to explain. His son had been injured in Iraq as part of the British Air Force. He is kayaking to raise money and support for a charity called Help the Heroes. I just sat there with this stunned look on my face. I kept telling him, " Thats so crazy, do you know how hot the weather is here!?" He would just laugh and go on with his story.

I started to tell him about Kevin and how we were getting ready to start our journey into the Marines. He thought that was pretty awesome and told me more about his son. He was such an interesting guy and it was such an awesome thing to run into someone so exciting right in Dallas City!

He gave me his card and also told me he has a blog that he posts on Facebook almost every day. He did mention me in his blog and wished Kevin the best in the "American Marines!" If you want to follow him, just go to Facebook and search Kayaking the might Mississippi! He is a very cool guy.

It is crazy the people you can meet and the things you may have in common with them. Don't ever be afraid to approach a stranger and talk to them. They could have some pretty awesome stuff to say!