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Breakaway College Girl

Everyone hates getting sick. It is no fun to be all stuffed up, sneezing every five minutes, and a constant headache. I rarely get sick, but this week I caught a pretty bad cold bug. It is so hard to sit through class and concentrate when your head is pounding and you are annoying yourself with your own sniffles. It has not been enjoyable.

My roommate was sick last week. It was awful trying to sleep in the same room as someone who is constantly coughing and sniffling. Now I know exactly how she feels. It is like my nose wants to run 50 times more when it is time for bed. It is no fun waking up every hour either. Last night, i tried to keep my coughs as quiet as possible so I didn't wake her up.

It is hard to be away at school and be sick. Usually I just lay on the couch at home and ask my mom to get me juice and a blanket. You can sleep on the couch all day and not worry about much.

College is different. If you miss a class, you miss tons of valuable information. You just have to fight through it for that time being of class and then you can go take a nap afterwards. I know, I would also much rather just lie around and be taken care of, but when you move away it\'92s not as luxurious.

It is pretty easy to get sick at college, seeing as you are around hundreds of people every single day. Make sure you keep hand sanitizer with you, it will come in handy so often! They also have dispensers of hand sanitizer in all of the dorms, so take advantage of it. Also, don\'92t drink after people. That is how so many people get sick and it is very preventable.

I hope everyone can prevent from getting sick. It really is crummy when all you want to do is sleep. Take care of yourself during these cold months and try your best to stay healthy! I have two more classes today, and after that , I have a date with my bed for the night!