The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Christmas Lighting Winners Announced At Board Meeting

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

At the regular meeting of the Village of Stronghurst board on Monday, January 7th, the Christmas lighting contest winners were announced as: 1st: Rick Schaley; 2nd: Gary Root; and 3rd: Dr. Robert Pogue.

Mike Bohnenkamp told those present if they knew of anyone that was in need of a good winter coat to please contact him as Stone-Hayes Center For Independent Living (CIL) of Galesburg has many coats and anyone was welcome to them with no questions asked.

Ronnie Gittings reported that the new well permit is back and a water test has been sent in and as soon as the results are back the new well can be put in operation. He said they would be alternating between the two wells.

He also reported he should have some numbers for a new truck for the trustees to look at during the next board meeting.

He distributed a copy of a letter from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) stating an engineering evaluation of the Stronghurst community water supply had been completed. There were no deficiencies noted.

The permit has been granted to do the new water line North of Elizabeth Street. Gittings is now putting together some information for bids and hopes to get that project going in the spring.

The Stronghurst Police Department report for December included 146 hours worked; Squad car patrol mileage total was 1160; 4 total traffic stops; 2 verbal warnings; 3 written warnings; 7 uniform traffic tickets; 8 service calls; 2 agency assists; 2 arrests and 20 business courtesy checks.

Tony Anderson inquired if the Stronghurst village police were involved in some sort of traffic enforcement operation on Highway 34 a couple of days after Christmas. Vancil said, “yes the department is part of an IDOT program that includes Henderson County, Stronghurst Police Department, Monmouth Police Department, and Warren County.” It costs the Stronghurst Police Department nothing as the state pays his wages and also paid for their fuel. It just caused a little wear and tear on the car and the reason for the Stronghurst car being used was due to a breakdown of a vehicle belonging to the sheriff’s department. Vancil was on his own time and not on duty for the village. Anderson questioned who would pay if an accident with the car were to occur. Since Vancil was sworn in as a Henderson County Deputy it is assumed the state would pay the insurance if something were to happen.

Steve Haring of MSA brought 3 copies of the $35,000 grant application to be signed. The budget for the construction consisted of $5,000 for engineering design fees; $5,600 for wiring/electrical, and $24,200 for equipment, material and labor. These papers will be sent to the grant manager and trustees will keep their fingers crossed that the money will be received to help pay for the new well construction.

Haring also talked to board members regarding the IEPA state’s revolving fund, their low interest loan program, for various program. The state has an abundance of funds right now in that program and their interest rate is 1.97% on a 20 year note geared for bigger infrastructure projects for water or sewer. There is a pre-application for these funds that is due by March 31st. He would assist in filing the papers for a cost of $500 should the village like to apply with a new water tower in mind. Mayor Chockley said they had just sunk $60,000 in the water tower and hoped that it would be good for another 20 years. The trustees decided there is no big projects at the moment to apply for.

In other business:

The board voted to adjourn and on a motion by David Vancil, seconded by Mike Bohnenkamp voted to enter executive session at 7:35 p.m. for the purpose of employees.

The board exited executive session at 8 p.m. with no decisions being made.

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, February 4th at 7 p.m.

Present: Mayor Eric Chockley; Trustees, Deb Hale, Mike Bohnenkamp, Tony Anderson, David Vancil; Amanda Kane and Brendan Schaley (arriving at :05); Employees, Ronnie Gittings, Arbry Vancil; Guests, Fern Fude, Betty Waterman, Steve Haring, and Shirley Linder.