The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

La Harpe City Council

by Christy Kienast, The Quill

La Harpe City employee Tim Graves told the La Harpe City Council Monday evening, January 14th, that the town reservoir is up 22” since December 10, 2012. They pumped 10” of water into the reservoir this weekend.

There is a broken window at the museum on the back of the building on the second story. Believed to have been broken possibily by falling bricks from the chimney.

Three of the owners of the pond out at Timberview subdivision, said that when the city replaced the culvert under the road, it lowered the lake by 2 foot. They also say there is another culvert that is possibly plugged as well. This will be looked into some more.

Tim met with Badger Meter Company. The water meters the city have are now obsolete and they can not get any parts to fix them. New meters would cost $110 each.

The new meters would be touch read with a hand held device. Tim said they could gradually change some of the water meters in town on an as needed basis.

"We can use the bases we have and just change the heads, which are $75 each."

Normally, a water meter has a 10 year warranty or 750,000 gallons of water that passes through it, he said. 

The council approved for Tim to go ahead with this venture.

In an Update on the Rural Water, they are waiting on supplies and all of the necessary paperwork is done.

 It was brought to the attention of the council some residents of the city are unhappy with how Jackson Disposal is handling their trash cans, and some safety concerns for their workers, etc. Council member will contact them and voice concerns.

The Route 9 T intersection project is slated to begin this spring. The Department of Transportation would like to put 4-6 lights out at th intersection. Mayor Brown will look more into this to what part the city will be responsible for.

Two resolutions were passed: The Council Resolution of Support and Council Resolution on Permitting Local Funds- these resolutions have to do with the water main project.

All council members were in attendance.