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Henderson County Meeting

Board Agrees to Reserve Liquor License

By Sally Day

Henderson County Board Chairman Marty Lafary told Board members that he and Zoning Officer Coral Seitz had traveled to Carman to visit the site where Bob Doran is constructing a strip mall with many businesses.

They have cleared some of the land and are preparing to begin the construction. Some of the businesses planned for this location (on the Carman blacktop south of the Carman Cemetery) include: a convenient store, storage, a Dollar General, car wash, etc.

Doran told Lafary and Seitz that he was born and raised in the area and wanted to give something back to the community.

He plans on constructing more businesses throughout the County when this project is completed.

Doran said he would need a liquor license for the convenient store he plans to build. Before you can obtain a liquor license, an actual building is needed where you plan to sell the liquor.

Since this has not been done, the Board has been asked for a liquor license approximately one year into the future.

The roll call vote to reserve the liquor license passed with the following results: Jim Alexander, yes; Bob Peterson, yes; Curt Eisenmayer, no; Terry Meyer, yes; Stanley Torrance, yes, David Hinshaw, no; Tex Stewart, yes; Albert Renken, yes; Mark Lumbeck, yes; Gail Russell, yes.

New Board member David Hinshaw requested a review of a lawsuit against the County and wanted to know how much money had been spent on this up to this point.

Chairman Lafary assured Hinshaw he and the other new Board members would receive this information during the closed session portion of the meeting.

Entities which hold Executive Sessions are asked to review these sessions every six months to see if the public would be allowed access to them.

This month was the time for Henderson County Board to review their minutes. The Board agreed to keep these minutes secret, with a roll call vote as follows: Jim Alexander, yes; Bob Peterson, yes; Curt Eisenmayer, yes; Terry Meyer, yes; Stanley Torrance, abstain; David Hinshaw, no; Tex Steward, yes; Albert Renken, yes; Mark Lumbeck, yes; and Gail Russell, yes.

Jim Zielstra, a resident, who lives north of the new Dollar General Store, was on hand to ask the Board to look into asking Dollar General to look into re-configuring their entrance to the store. The slope of the drive has led to poor drainage and an icy surface. Zielstra further requested a “dead end” or “no outlet” sign on their street, as people leaving the Dollar General look for another exit down this street. County Engineer Tim Hickman was requested to looking into this situation.

In other business, the Board:

New County Board for 2013. Pictured are (left to right) Stanley Torrance, Chairman Marty Lafary, David Hinshaw, Gail Russell, Mark Lumbeck, Jim Alexander, Terry Meyer, Albert Renken, Curt Eisenmayer, Bob Peterson, and Richard “Tex” Stewart. (Photo by Sally Day)