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La Harpe City Council Hear Of Oil Spill, Will Be Voting On Road Closure At LH School

by Christy Kienast - The Quill

The La Harpe City council met Monday, February 25th, at 7:00 p.m. at the La Harpe City Hall where Kevin Cozan, a representative from WIRC was present to discuss a conflict with the Housing Grant.

There was a conflict of interest with the housing grant concerning a family member of the city council. Cozan said the council could request a waiver of conflict. The motion was approved to request the waiver.

Chuck O'Donnell, a consultant from Savewave energy was present to give the city an opportunity to lower prices on the city's energy bill. The energy rate would be .0535, this would be a locked in all inclusive rate, saving the city $3100 a year for the next 3 years. The council will have a committee meeting to discuss how the city should move ahead.

A motion was approved to put a streetlight out on Timberview Drive. Several council members had drove out there in the dark and agreed it is dark out there. Since it is a city road, it is their responsibility to have it done.

The council passed a Resolution Supporting National Fair Housing Month for the month of April.

Mayor Brown received an estimate from Cook's Window from Carthage to fix the windows at the City Hall building. To fix all 12 windows would be $7800 or $650 per window. Mayor Brown will look more into the situation.

The council approved a motion to establish a junior council member for the city council. The member will be have a seat at the table, have a vote (although it will not count), and be put on committees like a regular council member.

There was an oil spill south of town. There was an equipment malfunction at the railroad and it was pumping the oil into the creek. The EPA and railroad were both called and the railroad assumed total responsibility. The railroad employees have cleaned up the spill and are working on the situation. They were very cooperative about the whole thing it was reported.

At the next council meeting, the city will be voting to close the road between the school buildings.

The treasurer's report and minutes from the last meeting were approved.

All council members were present, along with Chuck O'Donnell, Kevin Cozan, City Attorney Kurt Dittmer, Dan Gillett and Christy Kienast.