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Board overrides committee's choice; selects Amanda Seitz as new Henderson County Clerk

By Sally Day, The Quill

Larry Anderson, Republican Central Committee, addressed the Henderson County Board during their February 12, 2013 meeting, thanking and praising Marcella Cisna for the highly accomplished job she has done as Henderson County Clerk and Recorder.

Cisna will retire later this month, to spend more time with her family and to travel.

"It is difficult to find people to serve," Anderson noted, while extolling Cisna's skills.

He continued by stating what type of person would be needed to fill the position.

Some of these attributes included getting along with people, preparing payroll, knowledge of the software used by the county, and knowing the ins and outs of public elections.

Anderson said the committee had interviewed seven people for this job, which he deemed as the most important position in the courthouse.

He finished up by saying the committee had selected Sheila Forbes, finding her the most qualified to take over the responsibilities of County Clerk.

The board entered into Executive Session at 9:09 a.m. to discuss personnel and resumed the regular meeting at 9:35 a.m.

Albert Renken, who headed the meeting in the absence of Marty Lafary, Board Chairman, announced that the board had selected Amanda Seitz to be the new County Clerk.

Seitz currently serves as Chief Deputy in the County Clerk's office. Previously she had worked in the treasurer's office for four years, and most recently has been in the clerk's office for five years.

The board literally applauded and thanked Cisna, whose last day will be February 28, and she, in turn, thanked the board and told them how much she appreciated all of them. Cisna has been at the courthouse for 35 years, serving as County Clerk for 14 1/2 of those years.

The roll call vote, accepting Seitz, was as follows: Albert Renken, yes; David Hinshaw, yes; Terry Myers, yes; Jim Alexander, yes; Mark Lumbeck, yes; Stanley Torrance, no; Gail Russell, absent; Tex Stewart, yes; Bob Peterson, yes; and Curt Eisenmayer, no.

State's Attorney Scott McClintock, was available for another matter. McClintock asked the board to allow him to move forward in preparing new ordinances to clean up properties, where there has been a complaint of junk and debris; and the property owner fined. One county resident asked, "What if the property owner is not in the county?" State's Attorney McClintock responded, "That does not relieve the obligation." The board agreed to allow this to move forward.

In another matter, Jodi Scott, Regional Superintendent of Henderson, Warren, and Mercer County Schools was present to explain to the board that Knox County would be added to the schools now in the regional area.

According to law, expanding the area to accept another county was mandatory. The Regional Office is asking for the same amount of money from Henderson County. The board passed this resolution.

In an unrelated matter, Joe Taylor, President/CEO of Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau, was on hand to request Henderson County be included in the service area for the organization. This is at no cost to the county and has been done so for the past 6 or 7 years. The board passed the request.

In other business, the board: