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La Harpe City Council

The La Harpe City Council met Monday, Dec. 9th. The committee supervisors met on Dec. 4th last month to discuss water rates. More discussion will be in January at the next meeting of the supervisors on Thursday, January 2nd.

Some painting needs to be done inside the water tanks inside the water plant and at the reservoir.

City engineer Eric Moe, talked to a company interested in inspecting the inside of the water tower underwater. More information will be obtained on this.

The city council is discussing options on what to do with the road at West Burlington Avenue. One option was to put up a guardrail that would cost upwards of $7,000. More options are being discussed and will continue next meeting.

Mowing contracts will be negotiated for next year.

The Christmas Open House at City Hall had 37 people and Lucretia and Wayne gave several tours of the building during the La Harpe Country Christmas. The mayor thanked Casey Yeager, and Ryan and Christy Kienast for their parts in organizing the Country Christmas.

The city is taking bids for the hunting rights on the Johnson farm ground. Anyone interested is to contact city attorney Kurt Dittmer's office.

The next city council meeting will be January 13th.