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Breakaway College Girl

by Ali Postle of Stronghurst, 2012 West Central Graduate, finished first year at Northern Illinois University-DeKalb, attending SE Community College, engaged to Kevin Burgus of Stronghurst who is in "boot camp" in the U.S. Marines.

Hello Readers! How is everyone? Trying to stay warm I hope since this cold weather won't seem to leave us alone! It has been ridiculous hasn't it?!

We definitely take having heat and warm homes to come home to for granted.

I was at work the other night when a homeless man came in to just eat a hot meal. It was very cold outside and I am sure he just wanted a place to warm up and some food to eat.

He had all you can eat chicken and someone paid for his meal. He was so unbelievably grateful it was crazy. I could not count the number of times he said Thank You.

Two women who had just finished their dinner were even kind enough to hand him some money on their way out. Not everyone was as generous though.

The man left and came back in a couple hours later, asking if anyone knew where he might be able to get a blanket. You could hear a group of women making fun of him. Obviously, this man wasn't dressed nicely nor did he smell pleasant but he had just as much right to have a good dinner as anyone else.

When has it ever been okay to make fun of someone less fortunate then you? Can you imagine how much courage it took the man to come in and ask for a blanket? Fortunately one of the employee's husbands went home and got a big blanket for him to have.

The ladies making fun of him really bothered me though.

It actually brought me to tears thinking that people who have a warm bed to go home to every single night would ever feel the need to laugh at someone trying to find a blanket so he would not freeze.

The next day my parents and I planned to take the man wool socks and some sweatshirts but we were informed that he had already left town that morning. I wish I could have done more to help him.

Be thankful for everything you have. Not just possessions, but also family. As Christmas approaches we need to remember that not everyone gets to unwrap presents and praise the birth of Jesus with loved ones! Please keep those less fortunate in your prayers this Christmas season.

If you know of anyone who needs a warm place to stay, there are homeless shelters in Burlington and Monmouth!