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Oquawka Board concerned with safety of ceasing street project

By Sally Day for the Quill

While discussing the Schuyler Street Improvement Project, at the December 2, 2014 of the Oquawka Village Board, the board learned that Laverdiere Construction had shut down the project for the winter. For the most part, this will pose no problems, the board agreed. However, a discussion ensued over the sidewalks in front of some of the local businesses.

Two locations in particular were highlighted, the Diner and the Current Office. Both of these businesses had been told their sidewalks would be repaired. Board member Nancy Bundy was the first to express her displeasure that some of the sidewalks were not completed. Her main concern was the safety of the residents of the village. All the board members agreed that these issues should have been addressed prior to the street project being shut down for the winter.

Jared Fluhr, MSA Engineer, was present to discuss the level of completion and other aspects of the street project. He told the board he would discuss their concerns with Laverdiere Construction.

Sandra Moody, Village Board President, said, "Jack Laverdiere told me over the phone he would take care of the issue at the Diner."

As a temporary fix, the board will have their street department add some gravel to the locations in front of businesses where it is needed.

In his report to the board, Fluhr mentioned the MFT updates, which included replacing street signs on Schuyler Street, repair and overlay is down near the levee, and a list of general material for the winter. He asked the street department to use only sand in their winter road maintenance. He added that a small amount of salt could be added to the mix. He also asked that truck traffic remain off of Schuyler Street during the winter. Truck traffic will be rerouted to Pike Street.

He further stated, that over the winter extra detour signs would be added, the street will be maintained, and a slow or bump sign will be added where Schuyler Street takes a large dip.

In conclusion, Fluhr said, "I foresee it (Schuyler Street Improvement Project) coming in right at budget."

Police Chief Keith DeJaynes gave the Police Report, including the following: Criminal Damage to Property, 1; County Assistance, 3; Ambulance Assistance, 4; Domestic Arrest, 1; Civil Disturbances, 3; Tavern Calls, 2; Dog Citation Ordinance, 1; Warning Citations for Junk Violation, 2; Golf Cart Inspections, 0; Speeding Tickets, 7; Stop Sign Tickets, 3; Warnings, 2; Warrants, 1; and Other Calls, 42.

Board member Troy Jern gave the report from the fire department. He told the board that Hal Jern (Troy's father) had resigned as fire chief, officially on November 12. He also mentioned that Hal had accomplished a great deal for the fire department over the years and will remain as the department's secretary. Board member Scott Ray said he and the board appreciated the elder Jern's service over the years. Troy Jern is now the Fire Chief and Assistant Chief is Eric Robbins.

Street and Water Superintendent, Jeff Peterson was on hand to give his report, which included they have been cold patching pot holes, the water repair list is being addressed, they still need to remove a couple of trees and the Christmas lights are up.

In other business, the board: