The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

I'm a hope'n all had a good time fer reflection fer the time set aside for Thanksgive'n.

Here we are in the first week of December already and a bit warmer weather than last week. There has even been some field work be'n engaged again fer those finish'n up with their plans fer next spring.

Questionable Journalism

The local daily papers to our east and to the west has shore been attack'n farmers income thru the series of A.P. articles they've been so will'n to eagerly print. They print the American farmer in a very bad light. A feller has to wonder what their goal is if'n they are successful in destroy'n rural prosperity.

Ya can't call it good journalism fer they are only print'n a one sided version of distorted opinion. The do not seek out the truth and are not careful with the truth. Shame on them fer their printed acts of distortion on the American farmer, rural jobs and rural prosperity.

Some fellers say fight em back and push against their negative attitudes printed articles opposing the modern American farmer. Write a letter to the editor, they say. Well, there's an old say'n which might be an appropriate response to that thought. It goes like this: "Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction!'

Thank goodness fer a good alternative in a weekly paper like this Quill, which is "Dedicated to the Best Interests of the County".

The Builder

One is reminded of a poem entitled, "The Builder" by an unknown author which best describes this situation. The boys in the coffee shop compare those journalists to the east and west as a team of men tearing a building down:

The Builder

I saw them tearing a building down

A team of men in my hometown.

With a heave and a ho and a yes, yes yell,

they swung a beam and a side-wall fell.

And I said to the foreman, are these men skilled?"

"Like the ones you'd use if you had to build?"

And he laughed and said, "Oh no, indeed...

the most common labor is all I need...

for I can destroy in a day or two

what takes a builder ten years to do."

So I thought to myself as I went on my way...

Which one of these roles am I willing to play? Am I one

who is tearing down as I carelessly make my way around?

Or am I who builds with care, in order to make the world a

little better...because I was there?

There ya has it then. Wouldn't it be nice if'n those journalists had the attitude of one who builds with care, in order to make the world a little better place to live because they were there?!

Thoughts of Wisdom

I'm a think'n this calls fer some thoughts of wisdom:

The most destructive habit...worry

The greatest

The greatest loss...loss of self-respect

The most satisfying work...helping others

The ugliest personality trait...selfishness

The most endangered species...dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource...our youth

The greatest "shot in the arm"...encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome ...fear

The most effective sleeping pill...peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease...excuses

The most powerful force in

The most incredible computer...the brain

The worst thing to be without...hope

The deadliest weapon...the tongue

The most power-filled words..."I can"

The greatest

The most worthless emotion...self-pity

The most prized possession...integrity

The most contagious spirit...enthusiasm

The most beautiful

Thar ya has it then. A bit of thoughts of wisdom home folk passed along ta young folk many times over the years. It always seemed to be a good thing fer young'ns as well as anyone ta reflect on at a continual basis.

Ya may never know who is a look'n up ta ya fer guidance or encouragement, so SMILE at ever one and always keep an open heart! Thats it fer this week, pass along yer joy with a smile and try to be a "Good Builder"!

Whereever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n BE A GOOD ONE!! Hope'n ta see youn's in church this week.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later