The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village Minutes August 7, 2013

The Biggsville Village meeting was called to order at 7:04 August 7, 2013 with all trustees present, Brian Sterett, Nanci Sterett, Amanda Guyton, Travis Pence, and our future Trustee Matt Webber. Bill Ewing presided with Dale Allenbaugh Clerk and Marilyn Simmons Treasurer present.

Minutes were presented for all with Amanda making the motion to accept them as presented with the second by Brian. All voted in favor of accepting the motion.

The treasurer's report was presented by Marilyn with Brian making the motion to accept the report and Nancy offered the second. Motion carried.

Bills were presented by Clerk Dale Allenbaugh with only exception to normal operations being the payment of repairs to the west sewer lift station. Brian made the motion to accept the bills and Amanda offered the second. All voted in favor of paying bills.

New Business--Matt Webber was sworn in as a new trustee for the village. This still leaves a position on the board open for any interested party. The normal number of trustees is six with the president being the deciding factor in a tie vote.

Russell Liston has graciously offered to strip and refinish the floor in the community building if the village would supply the materials and buffer. The trustees gladly voted to supply the necessary items.

The bank has inquired about using tables and chairs for Customer Appreciation Days. All approved as our bank offers all of us stability in a small community.

Several of our community expressed concern over the speed of vehicles on some of our streets and unauthorized vehicles being driven in the village. It was suggested that taking a picture of the 4 wheeler or go kart gives authorities the evidence they need in court when the subjects are prosecuted. Possible leasing of police protection was tabled until next month when costs could be considered. Matt Webber made the motion to purchase cold patch which could be used in making speed bumps on West and Valley Streets. These streets appear to have the highest incident of speeding vehicles. In the village the speed is 20 miles per hour. Amanda made the second for the motion and motion carried.

Pat Hunt sent a letter to the trustees of the village after she sustained an attack by a Pit Bull resulting in massive lacerations. Wednesday night she attended the meeting to inquire about the discussion of her letter, and discussion about dangerous dogs in general. She wanted to raise the awareness that dogs can be a possible threat to the life and safety of our children and us. Matt Webber offered the observation that if we pass an ordinance banning guns in a public building out of concern for our citizens, maybe we should look at the dog issue. President Ewing said he would check into the legal issues of banning certain breeds from the village.

Parks--Breakfast will be served in Reed Park Saturday during Heritage Trail Days. With any luck mothers will not have to cook that weekend.

Public Relations--Flyers are being made for Heritage Trails weekend, and we need volunteers for lining up the various floats and entrees for the parade. Anyone interested please contact Bill Ewing.

Water Project--Change orders have been approved for meter installation, and possibly some valve replacement along with the actual pipeline to Media. Completion date has been backed up from October 30 to December but we have been working on this since 2006 so two months doesn't seem so long. President Ewing informed the board that we would not have a designated contact person for this water project, rather all business would come before the board before any actions were taken. He stated that our legal representation agreed with this, even though our funding authorities wanted someone they could contact, without having to wait for a monthly meeting. Our total project is a $1,479,973.00 with $628,800 being the loan portion. Thanks to people like Danny Gibb and others we have grant funding that will not have to be repaid.

Sewer--As we have had lift station pumps fail, the board voted to have one pump rebuilt, and purchase a new pump so we would have some protection in case we had another failure. Matt Webber made the motion and Brian Sterett made the second. All voted in favor of the motion.

Maintenance--The board discussed hiring a person to work as a part time maintenance person to include mowing, snow plowing, checking on the lagoon blowers, maintaining our equipment and in the future possibly reading meters. In September board members will be drafting an ad for the local newspapers seeking someone to fill this position. Discussion was tabled until next month when other input could be given on this subject.

Zoning--Amanda had one building permit awaiting signatures from neighbors.

Old Business--Programming for the new water bills is being researched. We need something that will be compatible with the equipment we have purchased and cost effective for the 155 households we have.

President Ewing wanted to give customers another option in where they can drop off their water bill, so they are looking into a secure slot that will be in the community building. So far, we have not found the final solution.

Amanda Guyton made the motion to adjourn and Travis Pence made the second with all voting in the affirmative.