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Water and insurance issues among discussions at Oquawka Village Board meeting

By Sally Day for the Quill

Jenna Link, Certified Water Operator at the Oquawka Water Department, told board members at the August 5, 2013, village board meeting, that in mid July she had an issue with the chlorinator and injectors at the water plant. Link ordered the part, which she deemed to be essential for the operation. An alarm system is also needed at the plant. This would warn of a chlorination leak.

The board unanimously passed a motion to update the chlorinator and purchase a leak detection system from Zimmer and Francescon, Inc. of Moline, at a cost of $7,000.

Ron James of James Insurance and Donna Dunn of Stanton Ingersoll Insurance were both on hand to discuss insurance coverage for the village. James explained to the board that they may want to consider an Insurance Committee to discuss this issue. He was on hand to request the renewal of Workman's Comp Insurance. He bid $10,824, from last year's $13,000. He said that when talking insurance you should be comparing "apples to apples."

Dunn passed out a hand out to the board and offered Workman's Comp coverage for $12,520 for 17 months. She noted that the figures designating Workman's Comp were regulated by the state.

The board set a meeting up for August 21, at 6:30 p.m., where this will be discussed. Roll call vote in favor of choosing the James Insurance bid was as follows: John Fedler, yes; Scott Ray, yes, Jason Howard, absent; Troy Jern, yes; Robert Eldridge, no; and Nancy Bundy, yes.

MSA Engineer Jared Fluhr explained to the board how the 2013 MFT Program funds will be used. Street signs and repaving (from the end of the Schuyler Street Project to the boat dock) are among those things. MSA will also be giving a day by day progress report to the village.

Fluhr also noted that the project has seen its share of problems on the project at this early date. He noted a water pipe was broken because it was not marked properly. "Not all the water mains are located where they should be," he stated. He also thought the water lines should be realigned. They are currently under the west bound lane of traffic. The board passed a motion to move the water lines to under the parking area on the street.

They also discussed copper lines versus poly (or plastic) lines. The copper lines are four times the price of poly and would make a significant difference in cost. This change may occur at the next meeting.

Mike Lain and Chris Sipes were present at the meeting, to request assistance with the Oquawka Volunteer Fire Department Car Show, to be held September 28. The men explained they are trying to become self sustained, but needed help this year. "This is the nineteenth year for the Car Show," Sipes said. "We want to stand on our own with entry fees and donations," he continued. They have sponsors for car classes. There will be three bands and two vendors at this years event. The board agreed to give the Oquawka Volunteer Fire Department Car Show $650 towards the event.

In a similar request, the board agreed to give $500 towards prizes, etc., to the event planners of Heritage Trail Days. Tiana Lain made the request, as she is the team leader for the event in Oquawka. Both of these requests passed unanimously.

Jeff Peterson, Street and Water Superintendent, told board members he and other employees have been busy cleaning Front Street. He also noted he has been placing new signage around the village. "No Tug Boats", "No Wake" and "No Pets" signs have been going up. The board seemed somewhat surprised by this and noted that at an earlier meeting, it had been stated that pets would be allowed in parks and near the Mississippi River, but that owners would be required to clean up after them.

Mayor Sandra Moody asked if the board really wanted dogs in the parks, where people would be walking through their excrement, etc. Board members reiterated they had agreed for dogs to allowed in parks as long as their owners cleaned up any 'messes'. Visitors also expressed their displeasure. The "No Pets" signs will be removed.

Village Police Officer Angie Garson gave the police report. In it she covered the following calls for service: Criminal, 2; Agency Assists, 6, Domestic, 2; Civil Disturbance, 3; Tavern, 3; Ordinance 8; Golf Cart Inspections, 13; Other, 4. She noted there were 16 traffic stops and 1 criminal arrest.

Officer Garson is also attempting to get a grant for computers for village board members and employees. She noted that she and Police Chief Keith DeJaynes need cell phones for their squad car. The board agreed to acquire a cell phone for the police department.

It was noted that the police department had laid out a yearly budget for themselves, guesstimating some of the proposed expenses. This will go into effect next month.

Board member Troy Jern told police officers they were doing a fine job and thanked them.

In other business, the board: