The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Breakaway College Girl

by Ali Postle, Freshman at Northern Illinois University -DeKalb; 2012 West Central Grad -Special For The Quill

Rain, rain, rain. I know I am not the only person in Illinois who keeps asking myself when is the sunshine going to come out and stay around for a while, ...right?

I know that the rain has caused some stress on people at home these past couple weeks.

I know that our basement at home was full of water and my dad had to stay up all night to make sure it didn't get any worse!

That can be really stressful and tiring!

We were pretty fortunate that it was just our basement, as I see many homes and businesses near the river have been taken over by floodwater.

We also received a substantial amount of rain up here and around the Chicago area. I know of many schools that were closed because of flooding and many main roads were inaccessible in and around the city.

One of my friends, who lives in Bolingbrook, had water in her parents basement for the first time. It is a really nice finished basement with carpet, so it was a mess and very stressful.

We went there this weekend and tried to help dry out some carpet and wash stuffed animals that were ruined in the flooding. Luckily, they salvaged most of their belongings before the flooding took over.

I know rain is a great thing for our farmers and their crops, but I think they would also agree that we could use it in smaller increments and spread out over a few months. Too much at a time can be hazardous and just as bad as not having enough rain.

I hope everyone is staying dry and steering clear of the flooding. Some have been greatly affected, so, get out and help those in need. I know our wonderful community is always willing to help each other, and now would be a perfect time!