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Breakaway College Girl

Happy Spring Everyone!

This sunny weather just makes the whole day so much happier!

I feel like I get so much more done when the sun is shining.

As some of you saw, I did get to spend Easter at home!

It was a last minute thing when one of my family members (cousin Sam Bell) who happens to live in Chicago asked if I wanted a ride home. It was great to spend Easter with my family.

It is easy to forget the little joys of life when it feels like you are so swamped with everything everyday.

It's also easy to forget the amazing side of living in a small community when you venture off into a big one. You forget how incredibly friendly people can really be.

As I walked home from the Post Office Saturday morning, every person I saw, no matter if they knew me or not, smiled and said "Good Morning". You forget how something so small can bring joy to someone.

I walked into the bank, and I automatically saw familiar faces. Instead of asking for an ID, they asked how my parents were doing. Little things like that just make me smile. To be able to live in such a tight knit community that you can talk to anyone and everyone knows everyone.

The city life may be more fun and more exciting. There may be way more things to do, but it will never compare to the life in a small town.

I know the feeling of wanting to get out and experience something else, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone should experience something new. It may be fun for awhile, but you will always remember the feeling you get when you return home.

Don't ever take for granted living in a small town, because most people will never get to experience what we have.