The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Let The Holidays Begin!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

November 14, 2012

Everyone in Stronghurst is getting pretty excited about the Old Fashioned Holiday Walk this Friday. It is always a wonderful festive atmosophere with lots of people and happy faces.

I have never seen the former C.E. Neff & Co. (Buick and John Deere building) look so festive, with so many beautiful lights, trees, and sparkling windows. I wonder what Mr. Neff would say if he could see it now.... probably, "It would be a great place to park a new red Buick and a green John Deere tractor.

We're excited here at "The Quill” about having the famous Civil War General U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant, to welcome our guests. Come in and visit a spell on your walk throughout this friendly community.

"The Creations Of Christmas” is the title of our 2012 Christmas Book to be published on December 12th and inserted into the December 19th edition...and WE NEED YOU to help us with this endeavor. We’ve been swamped at "The Quill”, dealing with breakdowns, repairs, sickness, while trying to learn a whole new way of doing things which has presented us with a whole new challenge. We’ve hardly had time to annouce our theme.

Please help us out and tell us about your creations you make at Christmas time. We need your stories and pictures by November 30th so we can start organizing our book. Last year our 2011 Christmas book was 56 pages.

So many busy and creative people live in our counties. They create food pantries, dinners, have knitting and quilting projects, craft shows, flower arrangements, projects for schools, for kids. You might be making dolls, homemade noodles, cookies, woodworking items, or creating a sing-along or music get-together for family, or nursing home. Anything you create special at Christmas will help make our book special. See ya Friday.