The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

If Only

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

April 18, 2012

If we could only go back in time for a little while, and relive some of those special moments we enjoyed during our school days, but we can't.

I remember having a long straight yellow dress with spiked heels, and my hair piled high on my head, something you don't see much of today, but the formal wear made you act and feel differently, somehow. We just rushed through everything much too fast.

Today, it really is a Cinderella princess ball. The dresses and tuxs are fabulous, and to attend the Promenade and see all that transpires, is really a thrill.

I think, for all the work that goes into this special day and evening, there should be a whole weekend of dancing, not just one night.

I would like to relive those days when my knees bent easily without hurting, and twirling around was as simple as walking, and no matter what you put on, everything seemed to fit nicely.

We really had nothing to fuss about, although we did.

Why are we always in such a big hurry to graduate into the working world, the bill paying, the house keeping, and the whole balancing act of adulthood? We are always busy thinking of the fun that lies ahead instead of enjoying the moment at hand?

If I could relive a couple more of my teenage years, I think I would take time to look closely at what is going on at the moment. I would enjoy the dresses of prom, the dances with school friends and take more time to listen to each of my school mates and focus on how very special God has made each one of them.

At Promenade, it really makes you sit back and do that. In fact you are somewhat speechless at what unfolds.

Many worry about teenagers having so much more than we did, and we ask, "What shall become of them?"

But I don't believe things really have changed too much, do you?

In fact, I believe Promenade is the time teenagers walk through an invisible shield into adulthood and never can return to their childhood again, no matter how hard they try. And try, they do!

Somehow, as much as they try to return through their summer pranks or during college days, they'll find they are changed individuals, and are forced to march on into adulthood

As much as we love our youth and the fun of silliness, there is something astounding and beautiful about the vivid display of our teenagers at Promenade transforming into a young adult.

If I could go back in time, I would dance that evening, a whole lot more and I would take time to thank all of those who helped make that evening so very special.