The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

After the Darker Days of the Winter Months

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

March 28, 2012

After the darker days of the winter months, it gives us such a lift to see the sunshine.

The birds are singing, the critters are running around, and the green grass and blossoming of the Magnolia, Red Bud, Bradford Pear, and Crabapple trees, are breath-taking along with the appearance of crocus, daffodils, and tulips. Even a few mushrooms have been found and it puts all of us in a happy mood.

My grandchildren in Des Moines, Iowa and all their neighbor kids could not get enough "outside" play time this past weekend. They were roller blading, playing football, and basketball, having water fights, playing in the sprinklers, and my son Damon, went several times to the golf course, one with all the family for a family picture there which is to be on a magazine cover "WOW" (women of worth) his wife will be featured in. Golfing is a family thing they do together and a good healthy activity.

Since middle age, I have been more concerned about my health habits. It is important to be in sync with mother nature. On the one hand we need the sunshine so our bodies can produce Vitamin D. On the other hand, we need complete darkness so our bodies can produce the necessary melatonin that makes us sleep and helps boost our immune system.

Since I am inside so much more these days than when I was a kid, I take Vitamin D 3. It's the sunshine vitamin that keeps you, healthy and happy (a great mood booster).

For those working in the office all day or find you are not outside very long, you might see about taking a supply year around like I do. You will be instantly surprised how much better you'll feel. (check with your pharmacist or doctor). It's a necessary alternative if you can't spend the day out on the tennis or golf course, or fishing, or at the beach. We also need to sleep in complete darkness, (without a TV) which was easy in the days of no electricity, except for the monthly full moon.

It takes complete darkness to create melatonin which puts us to sleep, helps us stay thinner, and helps build a strong immune system.

Did you know that a small pen flashlight against your arm will shut down the production of melatonin, and that even the small amount of light from the moon does as well?

For those interested in when the moon is full, I checked "google" and found a chart that tells you the day and the exact time for every month. The last full moon was March 8th and the next will be on Good Friday, April 6th at 19:19 (7:19 p.m.). It's a good time to shut your curtains at bedtime to insure a good night's rest. That may be why there is more crime or restless people during full moons.

To build a strong immune system, it takes sunshine, darkness and sleep, along with a healthy balanced diet of food with regular exercise.

If you or your children are spending too much time inside, in front of the television, the computer, or a number of other in door activities, maybe having the electricity shut down in a wind storm would actually be a good thing if it gets you and your family outside in the sunlight.

Spring time could be a good time to take up bicycling, walking, gardening or even an outdoor sport like golfing. You could join the children in a water fight on a nice day. There is a million things to do in Midwestern USA, from mushroom hunting, to horseback riding, to planting a garden, to visiting a nearby park for a picnic.

Stay healthy and happy and enjoy your Spring.