The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Wonderful Valentine's Day

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

February 8, 2012

....Okay, I really can't give you 2,012 romantic ideas on being a sweetheart that will fit in the Quill, but there are thousands of ideas in books that can make for a wonderful Valentines Day.

According to one book, romance is back in style, and if you are not experiencing it, you've been isolating yourself way too long.

Love and relationship authors say people want to feel appreciated and have fun and share some "special moments" together that are stress free. That requires some romance.

For those who are known romantics at heart, that is a piece of cake, but for others who have been just too busy with life to smell the roses, it might take a lot of uncomfortable effort.

If the only time you think "romantic" is at Valentines Day, you are probably feeling like a fish out of water, but confucius say, "Wherever you go, go with all your heart!"

The best gift you can give someone is your undivided attention, called quality time.That involves eye contact, TV off, newspaper down, questions and answers, and yes, a little thoughtful planning.

Basic Romance 101: only flirt with your sweetheart.Now that this is out of the way, maybe you can start with a little old fashion love letter.

Express your love in a note and actually mail it to her/him with a romantic stamp. If you get one, frame it as a constant reminder on those not so good days.

Oh, you haven't sent flowers before. You can make up for that, too. Send two dozen (red for love) roses instead of the traditional dozen.

Remember to truly enjoy Valentines Day, you have to come out of your shell.What would you consider a romantic weekend? Never thought about it? ARE in trouble.

If you can't afford a weekend in Paris, I am sure you would impress her with a weekend just about anywhere.

Kidnap your loved one, (prearrange the children or the jobs needed done).

When you love someone - express it. It relaxes stressed muscles and makes life beautiful.

Studies show that stressed men drink and invade countries and stressed women eat chocolate and invade shopping malls.

It also says that women talk without thinking and men act without thinking.

That's why 90% of those in jail are men and 90% of those at the therapist are women.

Love and attention can help cure a lot of problems. Studies show that some fail to show love due to hurt, jealousy, or fear.

Perhaps, this Valentines Day, if you are in a poor relationship, you can give the gift of a fresh start.

Schedule a picture session with a photographer of you and your mate and have it framed to commemorate the day.Then plan a special evening.

There is really no magic formula for this, you just learn to love by being loving in whatever you do.

There are thousands of suggestions in books but I am sure you can come up with several. The important thing is not to sit on the sidelines.

One lady and her husband came up with a compromise. "I go to the game with him, but I don't have to eat a hot dog." Guys, you've got to try a little harder than this. Avoid Country and Western songs such as, "My Girlfriend Ran Away With My Best Friend And I Miss Him." The final question for each of us is, "If all the love you gave was returned to you, what would you get?"