The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Republicans Hold Annual Picnic

Henderson County Republicans held their annual Family Picnic at Delabar State Park Sunday with beautiful weather, delicious roast pork, beef, and chicken.

Introductions were made of candidates running in the quickly approaching November election.

Running for the county board are Curt Eisenmayer, Albert Renken, Stan Torrance, and Debbie Pflasterer.

Also running on the Republican ticket are incumbent Kris Beals for Henderson County Coroner, incumbent Sandra Keane for Circuit Clerk, incumbent Scott McClintock for States Attorney, incumbent Bobby Schilling of U.S. Congress, and Main speaker Randy Frese who is challenging the Democratic incumbent for Illinois Senator.

Frese said he was running to seek opportunities for the next generation, and for term limits which he says he will co-sponsor. He doesn't support the big pensions for politicians either and plans on getting rid of the corruption and make government more transparent to its owners-the voters.

Frese, and his wife have a family of three girls, and said he has a lot invested here.

"We deserve better. You deserve better...." he said.

Republicans will be having a fun raiser at Richard Lutz home on Oct. 11, 12 to help with Frese's campaign.