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Enjoying the outdoors in the Heartland

Life's Simple Pleasures, The Courtyard Swing!

As many of you have already probably seen, we at La Harpe Davier Health Center, have put together our swing in the courtyard.

"Staff and residents worked hard for the last 2 years doing fundraisers to help raise enough money to purchase the swing," said Stacy Fisher, business office manager at La Harpe Davier.

"We did it!!"

The swing is Wheelchair accessible, allowing many residents to participate in an activity they have not experienced in several years. Swinging on gliders can be considered a fun social activity, since it is relaxing, interactive and enjoyable and appeals to individuals of all generations.

Similar to rocking chairs, glider swings can produce a soothing, comforting effect. In the early 1900's, swinging on a lawn glider swing was a common activity. We hope that for our residents, it will become a common activity for them again.

The WhisperGLIDE Swing is an outstanding mechanism for providing residents with cognitive, physical and psychosocial opportunities for therapeutic wellness.

"The possibilities for the integration of sensory stimulation enable the facilitation of the residents' overall sense of wellbeing," Fisher said.

"We hope that the new swing can be enjoyed by all of our residents and their family and friends as well."