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Oquawka May Get Improved Ball Field

By Sally Day, -for the Quill

Further information heard about Oquawka ball field

In an on-going discussion about improvements to the Oquawka Ball Field, Mayor Harold Henshaw, brought more details about said improvements, to the Monday night, September 10, 2012, meeting of the Oquawka Village Board.

Henshaw told board members and those visiting that irrigation and new sod was not going to be used; thus lowering the price of the project.

He mentioned that limestone sand would be $10.50 a ton if Oquawka workers retrieved it, or $27.60 a ton if was brought down from north of Muscatine, Iowa.

Board members had many questions, such as, who was going to rake it every night after games?

Was this limestone sand the type that hurt young people when they slid on it? and a total cost. Jeff Robbins, board member, mentioned they needed a total on the money amount and more information overall.

It was decided to hold a Recreational Committee Meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 25, at the Village Hall and table the discussion until the next meeting. It was further decided to hold a Public Safety Committee meeting at 6 p.m. the same evening, and same location.

Oquawka Police Chief Todd Miller gave his monthly report which included a total of 141 calls answered.

He further stated that the village will be losing an officer at the end of the month, unless the board wanted to extend that. "Oquawka has 60 percent of the calls," Chief Miller remarked.

Board member Cindy Henry noted that it seems like "we are adding another officer every time we turn around" and that payroll for the police department is going up.

Chief Miller reminded the board that last month they had 141 calls. Some board members agreed that the county board had stripped the sheriff's department down to a number of officers which is very low. They felt as if 6 officers covering the entire county was just too few.

It was agreed to table this discussion, bringing it up again in the Public Safety Committee meeting September 25.

Pete Miller, Oquawka resident and business owner, was on hand to explain to the board that he was planning on placing some gravel on his property immediately behind the village hall building.

He noted this because the village board building has already sustained water damage and they may want to prepare their property before he places the gravel on his.

Mr. Miller was adamant that he would do this regardless of what the board's decision was on preparing their property.

He said, "When I get done with what I am going to do, I am done."

The board has asked their street department to look into this and remedy this matter in the best possible manner.

Also present at the meeting was Steven Haring, with MSA, Professional Services, engineering company.

He told board members that Paul Loete was no longer with his company and had accepted a new position as Regional Director of IDOT. Haring introduced Rob McDonald, who will be taking over the Schuyler Street Project.

He added, MSA is ready to put out bids with the board's blessing. Haring also mentioned that Senator John Sullivan had obtained $40,000 for road improvements for the Oquawka project and Haring said they will probably place it directly into the pavement.

In other business, the board: