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"Pete the Cat" Artwork Is Popping Up Everywhere

At Dallas City Elementary. Learn Why.

According to Lori Bilbrey, Principal of Dallas City Elementary, the fame Eric Litwin, the #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Pete the Cat picture books, will be at Dallas City Elementary School on Thursday, October 18th at 8:30 a.m..

8:30-9:15 Pre-K-4th (Nauvoo-Colusa will be joining us)

9:30-10:15 5th-8th grade.

At 10:30 is a book signing. Families are encouraged to join them.

Everyone is very excited to have this renowned author visit Dallas City Elementary. All grade levels are working to welcome Mr. Litwin and "Pete the Cat" artwork is popping up all over the school.

A little background. Eric is the author of many books and he is a musician.

Nearly 20,000 preschoolers voted for the 2011 Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award, and "Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes" by Eric Litwin was the runaway winner with 8,297 votes.

Poor Pete is just a blue cat who walks down the street in his new white shoes, singing a song and stepping in all kinds of colorful messes.

Children love to sing along, while answering the question "Does Pete cry?" with a resounding " Goodness no!" after he steps in strawberries, blueberries, mud and more.

Besides a teaching tool, Pete shows that no matter what happens in life, just keep on walking and singing a song."

Learn more at Better yet, come to the Dallas City School and see what all the commotion is about at Mr. Eric's book signing.