The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Keep La Harpe Alive

By: Ryan Kienast, The Quill

Did you know in the town of La Harpe, we have over 60 businesses? That is a good amount for a town our size, but we definitely need more. We are short on the retail side of things, but we have a lot of service businesses.

To keep our town alive, we as a whole need to remember and support these businesses. For example, go to R & D Foods for your grocerys, or your meal items from their deli such as homemade baked beans and salads. Or stop into K & C for your next car purchase (they can buy new cars too).

Clover.s Tire Shop for your next oil change or new set of tires, and you always have CCS Computers for your next laptop or diagnostic problem.

La Harpe Auto Body for your next fender bender, Casey, s for your next fill-up, Family Rural Health for your next cough or check-up, or Wear Drugs for your next prescription.

There are several hair salons to choose from for your next style, and insurance companies, we even have a property surveyor here in town at the Hometown Insurance Company.

You can visit First State Bank for all your banking needs, or Woods Tax & Accounting for your tax needs.

We have two great flower shops, and don t forget, La Harpe Telephone Company for your home phone, internet and cable needs.

La Harpe Davier Nursing home is one of the best around, and don t forget Dr. Steve Rodeffer for your next teeth cleaning. The best funeral home around, Banks and Beals when you have to make those hard decisions. Dollar General for the things we need, the library that does many activities here in town, the swimming pool, and the Quill Newspaper for your news and advertising needs.

There are many small home businesses in town as well. Support our local Avon, Mary Kay, Thirty-One, Scentsy or Tupperware dealers.

We also have vinyl decals, cakes, and construction businesses and many other businesses I m sure I forgot to mention.

On the other hand, these businesses need to remember to advertise, or run a special and remind our community that you are here and there is no reason to go out of town.

We need to try and keep this town alive. We live in a great area and a wonderful town.

We are trying to organize a new Christmas festival this year. It is going to take a lot from the businesses and the people of this community to make it a success.

I would like to see some of the things I remember as a kid, come back or stay around. We already gave our high school away. We are now talking about building a new high school 23 miles away. We go to some home games that are closer than our own school.

Let' s not let anymore go out of this great town and support our local businesses. This city has great potential if some of the people in it are willing to change a little instead of giving up on everything. We could accomplish and have or keep anything here, if people weren t so negative and came forward to help the community.