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Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and to all readers of The Quill.

Boss Week

Tuesday, October 16 was National Boss Day. I'm a hope'n all you "Bossy" folk and even those inclined to be "Bossy" had a wonderful celebration that day acknowledge'n on a national basis you were recognized.

Good Samaritans

The boys all agreed Dessa's article, last week about Good Samaritan's gather'n fer harvest fer Steve Giertz, was most gratify'n. Since that article came out, Dessa informed one of the boys that P.J. Thompson, Larry Thompson, Russell Jensen and their crews took out most of Steve's beans.

She also said there is one 40 acre field of beans, near Little York, yet to be harvested and roughly 450 acres corn near Osco, north of Galva, yet to be gathered in as soon as the fields dry out adequately from the recent rains. She assumes those fields will be finished up.

Fall tillage on the Giertz farms is progress'n satisfactorily, she told.

Loss of a Good Man

The recent passing of Don Zurmuehlen is a big loss for the folk throughout western Illinois. He was a big asset in many ways and will be sorely missed.

Railroad History

According to a recent news release, BNSF is have'n a public celebration Thursday, October 18 with a dedication ceremony at the Port of Burlington.

By the looks of things the railroad may have forgotten one end of the bridge is on Illinois territory. While Iowa is touted as have'n a high school band, politicians, and a mayor, no mention is made of a Illinois high school band, mayors, or politicians participate'n in the Gala affair. If'n I remember correctly West Central has a mighty good band, also.

Shame on you, BNSF executives, but us folk around here abouts is mighty proud of our talent and if'n memory serves correctly, the railroad originally passed through Illinois first. In fact, Stronghurst was namesake of some of your executives and the Village of Media designated the distance betwixt Kansas City and Chicago on the Santa Fe.

Oh well, toot your Iowa horn all ya wants BNSF, but we is plenty proud of the part Illinois, in partnership with Iowa, has played in the BNSF's growth.

In fact, if'n I were Dessa, I would send an e-mail message request'n her explanation of the BNSF slight against Illinois, it's residents, it's politicians, and its workers.

(And, fer your information, Dessa, her name is Amy McBeth and her phone number is (763-782-3212). Maybe other proud residents would like to call as well. BNSF CEO is Matt Rose. Maybe he needs an earful as well!

It seems, maybe Ms. McBeth and Mr. Rose should go back a ways and study up on their railroads history and find out the part Illinois played in that history. Then ya can toot your horn accurately, and allow all participants in that history to share in the joy of your new bridge.

When the last flood took out the Illinois portion of your tracks, that bridge went no where. Illinois is important to your company, whether ya wants to admit it at this time or not.

Proverbs 29:9

The boys commented on the vice presidential debates of last week. It was pointed out that Proverbs 29:9 addressed the issue quite adequately. "If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet". - Proverbs 29:9 RSV

It was not clearly pointed out which one of the vice presidential candidates in the debate this verse applied to and no one could recall exactly who it was that did all the laugh'in and was so arrogant and condescend'n at that time. Oh well, that's the way it is in politics. Folks have short memories!


That brings to mind a story of an elderly couple that was on a road trip. They stopped at a roadside restaurant fer lunch.

After finish'n their meal they left the restaurant, and resumed their trip. Unknowingly the elderly lady left her glasses on the table. She didn't miss then until they had been drive'n fer about forty minutes.

By this time aggravation grew because they had to travel quite a distance before they could find a place to turn around, in order to return to the restaurant to retrieve her glasses.

All the way back, the elderly husband became the classic grouchy old man. He fussed and complained and scolded his wife relentlessly dure'n the entire return drive.

The more he chided her, the more agitated he became. He just wouldn't let up fer a single minute.

To her relief, they finally arrived at the restaurant. As the faithful wife got out of the car, and hurried inside to retrieve her glasses, the old Geezer yelled to her, "While you're in there, you might as well make the trip worth while and get my hat and the credit card! Hmmm....

Where ever ya are, what ever ya is a do'n, Be a Good One!

See ya in church a come'n up.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later