The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Breakaway College Girl

By Ali Postle, Special For The Quill

Everyone always says how they are ready to go to college and cannot wait to get out of high school, but I think sometimes they forget that college is not just one big party.

College classes are a big transition from high school, no matter where you decide to attend college.

In high school, for the most part, classes were pretty easy. Sometimes you needed to study for a test but as long as you looked over the information you were likely to pass. College is not so easy going. I have found out the hard way that if you do not take serious time to study, then you are not going to get the test grade you want.

Unfortunately, I did not do so well on one of my tests. I was so upset and called my mom crying. It is just so different having to study and be expected to know so much information.

Don't get me wrong, college is so much fun! There are so many opportunities to get involved, and there is always something going on. Everyone just needs to be able to learn how to manage their time. Some people need to study more than others. I know personally that I need to study more for my Psychology class then my Speech class, but other people are different.

Here are some study tips that I think can be really helpful for anyone studying for anything!

1. Be comfortable. If you don't normally wear a dress or and itchy sweater, don't try and study in it. All you will be able to think is "I can't wait to get out of this horrible sweater".

2. Don't be distracted. If your roommate, brother, mom, etc. keeps singing or talking to you, then find somewhere else to study or lock your door! From personal experience, you can never study well if someone is singing in the background.

3. Take a break. Don't try and study for an exam for 3 hours straight. Take a short break every once and awhile. Eat a snack, wash your car, or go for a jog. Those are just some options. When you go back to studying, your brain will be ready to go!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! If you are ever having trouble studying for anything, then try some of these tips. I promise it will help! College is fun, but it is a big transition. Everyone has to find the balance between working and having fun!