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Family Rural Health Celebrates 10 Years Serving La Harpe

The group at the La Harpe Family Rural Health celebrates 10 years together this year.

Monica Crim bought the clinic from the La Harpe Hospital Association on October 1, 2002 with Dr. Robert Pogue as Medical Director.

Since Dr. Pogue left, the clinic has had Dr. Lynch and then Dr. Miller. The clinic is now under the guidance of Dr. Kurt Davis since July 1, 2012.

The clinic has been in its current location since November 1, 2008. Before the move they were housed in the basement of the former La Harpe Hospital.

Wear Pharmacy started with La Harpe Family Rural Health Clinic in June of this year.

The staff at the clinic includes Monica Crim, who worked previously for the La Harpe Davier clinic before buying it out, Leana Yard, 14 years, Meghan Van Niewaal, 4 1/2 years, Dana Blythe, 3 1/2 years, Brenda Covert was hired on August 27th after Pat Williams retired August 1st after working for Monica for 5 years.

Monica follows along in helping in the community in the foot- steps of her grandfather, Dr. B.I. Mueller. Dr. Mueller was a very well -known doctor in the The La Harpe community is blessed to have such a wonderful clinic.