The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village Board Hears Update On New Well

by: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

At the regular meeting of the Stronghurst Village Board on Monday, November 5th, Ronnie Gittings reported that all testing has been done on the recently dug well and all permits have been sent in. They are now waiting on the EPA to send an operating permit so the well can be put into use.

They are also waiting for a permit to proceed with building a new water main on North Elizabeth Streets. There has been another leak so would like to get it corrected before winter. They have contacted 2 bidders and are looking for a third bidder.

Gittings would like to put the water line on the opposite side of the road in the grassy area since the gas main, sewer main and existing water line are an issue to contend with. The line could be trenched in and not tear up the roadway.

The police report, given by Arbry Vancil, included: 158 hours worked, 5 traffic stops, 2 verbal warnings, 2 written warnings, 4 uniform traffic tickets, 1 notice to appear, 7 service calls, 4 agency assists, 2 arrests, and 20 business courtesy checks.

Tony Anderson reported the village had qualified for a $5,000 Atrazine Settlement, however is not sure when the money will arrive.

Lou Ann Nortrup reminded Mike Bohnenkamp, Eric Chockley, David Vancil, and Tony Anderson still need to complete the Freedom of Information Act and Open Meeting Act testing. She needs to have a certificate on file for each member of the board.

The trustees voted to give the Booster Club $750 for the annual Christmas Walk.

Tax Levy Ordinance stays the same.

President Chockley asked the police department to judge the residential Christmas lights again this year. There will 1st-$100; 2nd-$50; 3rd-$25 place and it cannot be anyone that won last year. The judging will take place the week of Christmas and reported to the board in January.

Michael Bohnenkamp reported the police committee is sending Angie Garson to Bloomington for training to become a juvenile office on Nov. 27-30. The police department okayed payment of the motel and meal per diem.

Bohnenkamp also reported new tires had been put on the squad car which was purchased from Crandall's Tire Service.

Deb Hale said she had complaints from people concerning leaf burning. She suggested the trustees look into issuing a no burn ban in Stronghurst, due to health reasons. After some discussion it was decided to drop the issue and re-visit it in the December meeting.

Attorney Bill Rasmussen told the board the alcohol petitions would be needed to be turned in to him at the December meeting.

Lou Ann Nortrup reported when she first turned on the new furnace it was making a noise and also not heating so she had called Jerns. They found a wire sticking out and hitting the fan when it turned. The reason for it not heating was the gas was not turned on.

Gittings told the trustees that one of the village trucks had developed a gas leak and wondered if there was any possibly of checking into a different truck. After discussion he was given permission to check with the state site and come back with some prices.

Present: Mayor Eric Chockley; Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Deb Hale, Tony Anderson, David Vancil, Amanda Kane, Brendan Schaley; Employees, Lou Ann Nortrup, Arbry Vancil, Ronnie Gittings, Mike Nelson, Attorney Bill Rasmussen; Guests, Betty Waterman, Fern Fude, Shirley Linder

At 7:30 p.m. the board adjourned until the December 3rd meeting at 7:00 at City Hall.