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La Harpe City Council Hear of Water Concerns

by Christy Kienast-The Quill

Tim Graves updated the La Harpe City Council on the water situation in town at the regular meeting Monday evening Nov. 26th. The city is still under a drought and any outside watering is prohibited.Every week the water department sends a report to the E.P.A. The lake is down 63 inches. Graves is looking into possibly buying water from either Hamilton or Dallas Rural Water. There is also the possibility of drawing water from the lake at Timberview. To do this, the city would have to get the consent of the 3 owners of the lake.

A public works committee meeting will be set up to discuss the amount of water being used by the carwashes.

Craig Smith of Stronghurst is the new owner of the Laundromat and car wash.

Chuck O'Donnell, an energy consultant, presented his contract to sell the city electricity through Ameren. The council will make their decision at the next meeting.

A motion was passed to keep the Christmas bonuses from the previous year intact and to add a bonus for the 2 part-time police officers. A tentative date was set for the City Employee Christmas dinner.

Lucretia asked the city employees to check the bulbs on the Christmas wreaths for the parade.

A motion to cancel the second meeting of December was also passed.

All councilmembers were present as well as Dan Gillett, Josiah Neff, Tim Graves, Brian Covert, Chuck O'Donnell, Doug Endres and Christy Kienast.