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La Harpe Healthcare center holds annual St. Jude's wreath auction

By Christy Kienast


On Friday, November 16th, the La Harpe Health Care Center held their annual St. Jude's wreath auction. Every year the center gets businesses, schools and people, as well as staff, to donate decorated wreaths for a great cause. Last year they had around 30 wreaths, this year they more than doubled that with around 77 wreaths. This year, the first $1000 made was going to St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research Hospital. The other $2,920 went to the family of a La Harpe resident, twelve year old, Mikhaila Palmer. Mikhaila is currently in Tennessee undergoing treatment. The auctioneer, Jack Ufkes did a wonderful job of keeping the crowd on their toes.

The top selling wreath of the night was made and donated by Healthcare center employee, Kim Stonger. The wreath was beautifully decorated in lime green, peace signs, and Team Mikhaila across the top and bottom. The wreath went for $600 alone with several buyers throwing in money and the wreath itself to go to Mikhaila.

The evening started off with a soup supper and the auction almost immediately started because of the number of wreaths.

The evening ended with Healthcare center resident, Rodney Cratsenberg singing the auctioneer song. Anybody who missed it missed a great auction, so come on out next year and help support this great cause.